Maggie G - Line Dance Event Reports

Blackpool 2009

Crete 2024

Crete 2024

What a fantastic week we had in Crete, the Maggie G Club Dance Holiday. The 4 star Kalimera Kriti Hotel was beautiful and the food was amazing. 😍 Thank you so much to everyone who came from Sweden, Norway, Austria, Germany, France, Switzerland, Jersey, Guernsey, England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. 💙 It truly was an international event and it was so much fun dancing with you all, everyone mixing and making new friends. 🥰

It was great to dance outside by the pool, 7 nights of dancing and workshops during the day. We visited the Jolly Roger one evening and even managed to dance there too lol. 🤣 Thursday night was 💙🤍💙 Blue and White.

A massive thank you to Anya from Club Holidays for all your hard work - you are amazing. 💙🙏💙

Thank you so much to Lee Hamilton ❤️ and Gary O'Reilly ❤️ for everything. You did a great job as usual and made it so much fun, you are both brilliant. 💚🥰💚

Special thank you to Nives and Monika for helping me with my merchandise. 💙

Next year our trip with Club Dance Holidays will be to Cyprus, info on the Events page if you would like to join us.

Thanks again to everyonewho came, we really do appreciate it.

Hope you enjoy the selection of Crete photos on my Photo Album page, there must be nearly 100 on my public Facebook!! 🤣🤣 These photos are also shown on a video reel on my public Facebook.
💚☘️ Love Maggie ☘️💚

Southport 2024

Southport 2024

🙏 So many to say thank you to. 🙏

Thank you Big Dave and Pauline for all your hard work you did a great job as always. 🙏 Dave you are a great DJ and worked so hard all weekend playing everyone's requests. 💚🙏💚

Thank you Fred Whitehouse for teaching some great dances and your wonderful routine in the show. 💚 Thankyou to Ronnie from Scotland and Fred also who were also great in the show.

💚☘️ I'm so proud of my Irish Dance group Celtica who performed beautifully. It's been a busy time with St Patrick's Day too and you have all worked so hard. ☘️💚

Thank you to Nives and Monika from Switzerland, Franziska and Hertha from Austria, Stephanie, Denise and Annike from France, everyone from the UK and to those from my club in Coventry. You all made it an amazing fun weekend, we are very proud that it has been running for 22yrs and we are so happy you all joined us. 💚

Dances I taught: 💚 My Five Boys, A Wee Bit Lost, my brand new rolling count dance Mercy, Love Somebody and the new Beginner dance from Gary and I - Space In My Heart. ☘️

Thank you for all the lovely comments about my dance My Five Boys, means a lot.

A selection of pictures is in my Photo Album and more are on my public Facebook. 😍

We are already looking forward to next year and if you would like to join us you can book through Pauline and Dave. 🥰
💚☘️ Love Maggie ☘️💚

Coventry 2023

Coventry 2023

What an amazing Maggie G Experience Weekend in Coventry with Big Dave and Pauline. Thank you both so much for everything. 💚🙏💚 Such a great weekend and so much fun with Heather, Dee and Ria, it sure was Girl Power. 😍 We made the best Spice Girls, lol, and thank you for all the great dances you taught. 🙏

Thank you John, Carmel, Gwen and Ronnie for setting up the room, it looked amazing. Thank you also to Gemma and Sharon for all your help. Celtica you did such an amazing show and you always make me so so proud. 💚

Thank you to Kiera and Ellie for all your help with the show and all the parents for being so supportive as always. 🙏 Also very proud of my 3 boys for playing a few tunes for us. 💚

Was great to see Derrick who came all the way from Tennessee and I'm so glad you could come and meet everyone at my club in Coventry too. 💚

Thank you to everyone who joined us, from Austria, Switzerland, France, Norway, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and USA, you certainly made it a wonderful weekend.

Dances I taught: 💚 The Jester And The Joker, Ain't Gone Yet, In Walked You and Dreaming. ☘️

I really can't wait till next year now with Gary. Thank you to everyone who has booked already.
☘️ Love Maggie xx ☘️

Bournemouth 2023

Bournemouth 2023

What a great weekend at the Mercure Queens Hotel in Bournemouth. Thank you to Big Dave and Pauline for all your hard work and making it so special. 💚

Thank you also to Vanda and Roni for all your help over the weekend. 🙏

Was so good to catch up with so many dancers from all over the UK, Jersey, Guernsey, France, Holland and Sweden.

Big Dave kept us dancing all weekend. 😍

Dances I taught: Favourite Kinda High (my new Intermediate), Waiting On You (new Advanced dance by Gary and I - dedicated to Big Dave for his 65th birthday 💚), We Never Knew Love, Waterfall, Western Girl, What's The Point and Superheroes.

Thank you to everyone for coming.
☘️💚 Love Maggie 💚☘️

Spain 2023

Spain 2023

What an amazing week we had in Huelva,Spain, line dancing all week!

☘️ Thankyou to Gary and Lee who were amazing as usual! Thankyou for all your fun with the line dancers! And to Anja from Club Dance Holidays who always looks after everybody. ☘️

💚 Special Thankyou to all the people that came! We had line dancers from Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France, Sweden, Norway, Wales󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿, England󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿, Jersey and Ireland! You were all so brilliant and we had so much fun! It was so great that you all mixed in with each other. 💚

🧡 We danced our socks off every evening and danced by the pool every morning. The weather was amazing! 🧡 Along with the beautiful 4-star hotel! 🧡

🧡☘️💚 Workshops that were taught: Regrets, What's The Point, Waterfall, ️Western Girl, If You Believe, And I say, Matoma Power, ️Eyes Closed, Whiskey On The Shelf, Twisted Mind, Country Nights, We Never Knew Love, Never Drinking Again, Leave Each Other Alone and Remember That Feeling. 💚☘️🧡

Thankyou for all your lovely messages. Hope you like all the photographs, there is a selection in my Photo Album and many more on my Facebook!

Southport 2023

Southport 2023

Wow what an amazing weekend. Thank you so much to everyone who came and made it so special. 🙏 Big thanks to Dave and Pauline for all your hard work 🙏 and thanks also to Jeffke and Lee for being with us and for the dances you taught. 🙏 You were both brilliant.

Thank you to Celtica for the amazing show, I'm very proud of you as always. 😍 Thank you Ronnie, Lee and Jeffke for being part of the show. You were great Irish dancers. lol

Dances I taught: Country Nights, Western Girl, What's The Point, Regrets and mine and Gary's new dance Eyes Closed.

Hope everyone had a safe trip home, see you all soon.
💚☘️ Love Maggie xx ☘️💚

Coventry 2022

Coventry 2022

Such a good weekend in Coventry with Dave Baycroft and Pauline - thank you both for everything. 🙏

Thank you to Dee Musk and JP for joining us and for the workshops, it was fun working with you. 🙏 It was good to see Neville and Julie too. 😍

We had a lovely surprise visit from Jason Takahashi who is performing in Disney On Ice at the NEC, so good to see you. 💚

Thank you to all the dancers who came, it was great to dance with you all, we even had some dancers from France. 😍

A big thank you to Celtica for the show - you are all amazing and never let me down, I am so proud of you all. ☘️💚☘️

Dances I taught: Get In Or Get Out, Something To Someone, All For You and The Morning After.
Maggie 💚

Cyprus 2022

Cyprus 2022


Wow, what a lovely week we have had in Cyprus at the Athena Beach Hotel. 🏖 Thank you to Anya from Club Dance Holidays, you did a great job as always looking after us all. 🙏

The hotel was great with lovely food and we all worked so hard dancing every day and every evening. It was like a boot camp lol. 🤣

Thank you to all the dancers who joined us from all over Europe, it was great to be dancing with you all. 🙏💚🙏

I recapped some older dances and taught Get In Or Get Out, Flaws, Another Heart, Something To Someone and mine and Gary's new Absolute Beginner dance The Morning After.

Thank you for all the lovely comments about the dances, I'm so glad you enjoyed them. 💚💚

Really looking forward to next year with Club Dance Holidays in Spain, 30th April-6th May, with Gary O'Reilly and Lee Hamilton. Details are on my Events Page. 😍☘️😍

Spain 2022

Spain 2022


What a great time I had in Huelva, Spain, with Gary and Lee. You were both amazing and thank you Lee for coming to help us. 🙏 It was so nice to have Marc with us too. 😍

Thank you to our dance friends who joined us from England, Ireland, Guernsey and all over Europe - it was so good to be dancing with you all. 😍

In the mornings it was great to dance by the pool and our private dancefloor and bar 🍸 in the evenings, such a great place. Gary and Lee taught some great dances, I taught my new dance Wind In My Sails and Gary and I have a new one Hasta La Vista. The step sheets will be out soon.

Club Dance Holidays organise great holidays using 4-star hotels. We had a wonderful time, great food and Anja from Club Dance Holidays looked after us all so well. ❤️

Our next Club Dance Holiday is Cyprus in October, details are on the Events page. Come and join us for a great week away.
💚 Love Maggie xx 💚

Southport 2022

Southport 2022

💚☘️ What an amazing weekend in Southport ☘️💚

Thank you to Big Dave, Pauline and Gwen for all your hard work and a special thank you to Jose and Guillaume who kept us all laughing all weekend. 💚💚

The show on Saturday evening was so good, thank you everyone for all your comments, so glad you enjoyed it. Thank you to Celtica for performing and to my boys who played the Irish music. I am so proud of you.

Thank you for all the lovely comments about the dances. I taught I See Stars, Through Your Eyes, 100 Years and Waiting On Your Love.

Thank you to everyone who joined us. It was so good to be dancing with you all again and catching up with some people I haven't seen for so long. 😍 Hope you all had a safe trip home.
See you soon.
💚 Love Maggie 💚

Celtic Christmas 2021

Celtic Christmas 2021

Gary and I had such good fun on our 💚☘️🎄Celtic Christmas🎄☘️💚 event.

🙏 Thank you to everyone who joined us 🙏

We taught our brand new dance:
☘️☘️ 100 Years ☘️☘️

Hope you are all staying safe and well.

Take care
Love Maggie 😍 xx

Southport 2021

Southport 2021

I had such a great weekend in Southport with Big Dave, Pauline and Heather. It was so good being with you all and thank you to everyone who came and danced with us. 🙏🙏 Friday night's theme was Christmas and Saturday night's theme was Fiesta.

We had a lot of fun and it was so good to meet up with everyone, but we missed Nives, Monika, Andrea and Hertha. They were unable to travel and had to cancel at the last minute, hopefully we will see you soon. 💚

Thank you for all the lovely messages about the weekend, Celtica's performance and my boys playing music - I'm so glad you all enjoyed it. 💚💚

Dances I taught included I'm On My Way.

See my Photo Album for some great photos.

☘️☘️ Love Maggie ☘️☘️

Coventry 2021

Coventry 2021

What an amazing weekend. Thank you to Big Dave Pauline, Fred and Jamie and the whole team for making the weekend so special.

Thank you to everyone who supported us, I felt very privileged to be in Coventry dancing with you all. We had dancers from all over the UK, and it was also great to welcome dancers from France, Denmark and Austria.

The whole weekend was such a great atmosphere. I taught Easy On Me, Starlights, A Little Bit Louder, Don't Break the Heart and my brand new one Only Us.

The show by Celtica on Saturday night was also very Special. You have all worked so hard through these difficult times and I am so proud of you all and thank you to all your parents too.

Love to you all.
Maggie 💚💚💚

Celtic Duo 8.0 Saturday Night Live

CD8 2021

💚☘️👏 Thank You 👏☘️💚

A huge thank you to everyone who joined Gary and I for CELTIC DUO 8.0. We both really appreciate all your support and it was such a fun evening.

I taught my new dance Don't Break The Heart 💚 and Gary taught his new dance Contigo With Me.

We also taught our dance Starlights and enjoyed dancing it with you all along with our other new dances Here We Go and Easy On Me.

Thanks to your support we have been able to donate €400 to the LDF who do such a great job supporting our line dance family.

We are so proud to have been able to support the LDF, our line dance family really is very special.

Thank you all again.

💚💚 Love Maggie 💚💚

Celtic Duo 7.0 Saturday Night Live

CD7 2021

Gary & I would like to say thank you so much to all of you who joined us for Celtic Duo 7.0. We both had a great time and hope you did too.

We taught Lonely Hearts, Dance Before You Leave Me, Kind To Me and Bad Habits.

Stay safe. Love Maggie 💚💚💚💚

Bournemouth 2021

Bournemouth 2021

What an amazing weekend we had in Bournemouth. We followed all the Covid restrictions but it didn't stop us dancing and having a great time.

Thank you to Big Dave and Pauline, Dee Musk and Nicky from Calico, what a team we made. Thank you so much to everyone who joined us, it was so nice to be dancing with you all.

I taught my 2 new dances Dance Before You Leave Me and Lonely Hearts. I also went through Fields of Athenry and Beautiful Madness.

Take care everyone. 💚💚💚 xxx 💚💚💚

Southport Memories 2021

Southport Memories

☘️ Massive thank you to Big Dave & Pauline Baycroft for all the fantastic Southport Memories on Saturday 27 March. It was a great night on-line reminiscing back to the good old days at Pontins right up to the fun days at the Prince of Wales hotel 🥳💚

Also big thanks to our fantastic special choreographer/instructor guests, Steve Healy, Roy Verdonk, Jose Miguel, Craig Bennett, Dee Musk & Gary O'Reilly ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Celtic Duo 6.0 Saturday Night Live

Celtic Duo 6.0 2021

We taught "Fields Of Athenry" for the first time during our Celtic Duo 6.0 live event. Thank you so much to everyone that joined us for a fun-filled evening of music, song, dance & fun.

A big THANK YOU to Michelle Risley for joining us to judge the "QUEEN OF IRELAND" contest which sadly saw me lose the crown to the new "Queen Of Ireland" Assumpta Murphy 😂

Stay safe, keep dancing & be kind... x

Celtic Duo 5.0 A Celtic Christmas

Celtic Duo 5.0 2020

Thank you so much for joining Gary & I on Saturday 12th December for A Celtic Christmas, our 5th live event together!

We loved sharing our new dance "Tears Of Gold" with you and are so pleased you all enjoyed it!

Assumpta was up to her old tricks again HAHAHAHA 😂 😂

Thank you to my boys & Dad for performing so brilliantly for us too ☘️

I was also very proud to share footage of The Celtica Dance Academy Show 😍

Our CD5 on-line event included:

Finally, here's our CD5 "Thank You" Video:

CD5 Thank You Video

Celtic Duo 4.0 Saturday Night Live

Celtic Duo 4.0 2020

Thank you so much to everyone who joined Gary & I for Celtic Duo 4.0! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did 👻 We laughed so much and danced all of our favourites! The perfect remedy for the difficult times facing us all 💚

From the Tomb of Doom to the Great Carve Off we had a lot of fun & can't wait to do it all again ☘️

We taught 2 of our brand new dances:
🌟 I Wonder & Kingdom Come 🌟
We love the music for both and look forward to sharing them with everyone very soon!

Celtic Duo 3.0 Saturday Night Live

Celtic Duo 3.0 2020

Thank you to everyone who supported Celtic Duo 3.0. It was great to dance again Hey Now and Choose To Dance and I hope you enjoyed our new Intermediate dance Shelter.

Celtic Duo 2.0 Saturday Night Live

Celtic Duo 2.0 2020

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for joining Gary & I for our Celtic Duo 2.0 event! We hope that you had as much fun as we did 💚

An extra special THANK YOU to our wonderful friend Betty Drummond​ for joining us! It was lovely to have Betty with us.

A huge thank you to our friends and family who continue to support and encourage us ❤️

Stay safe everyone and we will see you all again very soon!

Lots of love,

The Celtic Duo,
Maggie & Gary ☘️

Celtic Duo Saturday Night Live 2020

Celtic Duo 2020

Gary & I could not have imagined our amazing Celtic Duo Saturday Night Live event would turn out to be such a success and we are so grateful for all the amazing feedback and comments that you have shared publicly and privately with us both.

Firstly we wish to say a massive THANK YOU to Kelly & Kelly at 7 Arrow Media for broadcasting the show for us. We could not have done it without you.

To Nathan Carter, who was an absolute star and joined in the fun, THANK YOU. I think you will all agree he was phenomenal and it was a dream come true having Nathan join both of us on this virtual journey with you all.

To Assumpta Murphy, for climbing the fence next door and joining Gary in his dining room.

To Debbie, Keeley, Marc, & John for always supporting Gary & I in everything we both do, no matter if it's in the real world or online you are always there to support and encourage us no matter what. We love you all.

A huge THANK YOU to Betty from the LDF, for continuing to keep the LDF alive in its efforts to support dance professionals and semi-professionals in this time of extreme need. As ambassadors for the LDF, Gary & I both recognise the impact LDF support & LDF grants have on people's lives and Gary personally, as a recipient of LDF funding in 2018 he is beyond greatful for all the LDF continues to do.

Gary & I are so proud to announce that the "Celtic Duo Saturday Night Live" event raised €3600, of which €1800 will be donated to The Irish Cancer Society and €1800 to the LDF. We cannot express how thankful we know both charities will be for these much needed donations.

Finally, we would like to extend a most sincere THANK YOU to each and everyone of you who joined us in supporting these two amazing charities, the LDF & The Irish Cancer Society. To all our dance friends from all over the world, THANK YOU. To our non-dancing friends and family, THANK YOU. To both of our clubs who continue to support everything we do, THANK YOU. We are truly blessed and appreciate you all so much.

Port Talbot, Wales 2020

Wales 2020

Thank you to Dave and Pauline Baycroft for an awesome weekend at the Aberavon Hotel, Port Talbot. Special thanks to you both for the lovely cake you surprised me with for Faithful Soul winning Intermediate and Dance of the Year. It was a great fun weekend and lovely to see everyone supporting the event.

The dances I taught were React, a new Intermediate from myself and Gary O'Reilly to The Pussycat Dolls, my new Intermediate Tear Me Down, Keep Young (LDF dance), my new Improver Love You Now and a new Improver choreographed with Gary, Pretty Girl.

The theme for the Party Night was "Rock 'n Roll".

Coventry 2019

Coventry 2019

Thank you to everyone who came to my Coventry Home Game to celebrate my 20 years on the road. My oh my where have the years gone?

We had a great time with our guest choreographers Roy Verdonk & Shane McKeever, big thanks to both. A big thank you to Dave & Pauline for all their hard work. We had a great dance floor, a fabulous fun atmosphere dancing to a great mix of music played by Dave. The food was lovely and we were well fed and watered.

It was lovely to see people from the North & South of England and our European friends from Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Norway and France. Also, a big thank you to my Irish dancers, Celtica Dance Academy, for a great performance on Saturday evening.

The dances I taught were I Got You, Pocket of Hearts, Wintergreen & Tonight is Real.

There are some photos on my public Facebook and more in my Photo Album.

Tenerife 2019

Tenerife 2019 Photo

Thank you to all the lovely people who came on the Club Dance Holiday in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife. A great mix of dancers from Europe and England. Special thanks to Gary O'Reilly and Anja Rother, our Club Dance Holidays rep. We had a great time dancing every night and the workshops went brilliantly. All the new dances went down really well.

Gary taught Hey Now, Adelaida, My Heart Is Gone, World For Two and All I Need To Know. I taught Gone West, Castles, Tonight Is Real, a new Beginner Pocket of Hearts and a new Intermediate, I Got You.

Gary & I also taught our new Intermediate 2-wall waltz called Faithful Soul to Faith's Song from Celtic Woman's new album Ancient Land. Everyone fell in love with this beautiful track and dance and it was one of the favourites of the week.

A few photos from our Tenerife holiday are on my public Facebook. More Tenerife pictures are published in my Photo Album on this website.

Bournemouth 2019

Bournemouth 2019 Photo

A massive thank you to everyone who supported my Experience Weekend at The Carrington Hotel in Bournemouth. Special thanks to Big Dave & Pauline for all their hard work. Thank you to Pauline & Jenny Murray for decorating the room so beautifully for our "Day at the Races" theme.

Dave did a fantastic job DJing and everyone looked so fabulous in their Day at the Races fancy dress. It truly was a fabulous weekend.

Also, special thanks to Nives & Ricky for travelling over from Switzerland, Andrea from Austria and Marit and Hanne from Norway.

The dances I taught were Gone West, Water on the Flames, Something You Love and a new advanced nightclub choreographed with Gary, All I Need to Know.

Cyprus 2019

Cyprus 2019 Photo

We had a brilliant week in Cyprus with Gary O'Reilly and Jamie Barnfield, including a FAB-U-LOUS fun party night on the Friday evening. Our fancy dress theme was Cyprus colours. Some photos and videos from the holiday and of the party, with a video of Jamie & I hidden under the table 😃, are on my Facebook - we were in a toy box for the show 😊. A further selection of photos are also in my Photo Album.

Of the 12 dances taught during the event, my teaches included: Keep It Simple, She Ain't Me, It's You & I, Something You Love and my latest dance to a James Blunt track; Gary's included our co-choreographed Everything I Have, his own Mad Crazy Love and Habibi; and Jamie's included his lovely waltz Reason We're Livin'.

Southport 2019

Southport 2019

The theme for my Southport Experience Weekend this year was 'Australia' as our special guest choreographer was Maddison Glover. A very big thank you to Maddy for travelling all the way from Australia and for teaching some great dances.

Also, special thanks to Dave & Pauline for all their hard work and to Celtica, my Irish dancers, who performed on Saturday evening. I would also like to say a special thank you to my club for travelling up and to everyone who supported the event.

Dances I taught were Keep It Simple, I Hope, Home To You, It's You & I and She Ain't Me. Dances Maddison taught included Lonely Lovers, Honky Tonk Mood and Homesick Heart, plus her popular new dance Simply The Best - choreographed jointly with Rachael McEnaney-White.

There are some video clips and photos from the event on my Facebook but more photos can be seen in my website Southport Photo Album.

Cyprus 2018

Cyprus 2018

We had a great time in Cyprus on the Club Dance Holidays & Maggie G International Linedance holiday at the 4-star Athena Beach Hotel in Paphos. I am so proud to have had dancers from so many different countries: Austria, Germany, Guernsey, Jersey, Northern Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK.

The Athena Beach is a beautiful hotel right on the beach and the food, hotel service and facilities were amazing. The weather was great with temperatures hitting 29 degrees! However, we were busy with lots of workshops teaching my latest dances, Familiar, Celtic Duo, No Apology, Tightrope, Capital Letters and another brand new easy Intermediate called "If You Dare" to the track Dare by Gary Barlow and the cast of The Girls.

The fun loving Jamie Barnfield was with us and taught several dances including a great new Intermediate nightclub called If It's Meant to Be. I have posted a video on my public Facebook, but do check out this great dance.

Gary O'Reilly arrived later in the week and dances taught included his new Intermediate dance Vanotek Cha and our new Advanced dance Beautiful Flames that we have jointly choreographed.

Thank you to Gary, Jamie & Anja for all their hard work in making my dance holiday with Club Dance Holidays in Cyprus such a fabulous fun week. We really did have a fantastic time, with fabulous weather & great dancing.

Our party night last Friday had a theme of anything beginning with M, well done to everyone for their fabulous costumes. Also well done to all the men who took part in showtime, you were all fabulous. There are photos from this great week in my Photo Album and more on my public Facebook.

Thank you once again to the wonderful Anja, our ever present Club Dance Holidays rep for all her help during the week.

Southport 2018

Southport 2018

My Southport weekend went really well. Firstly, thank you to Keeley for collecting me off the Irish flight and for taking me home for a quick change before whisking me off to Southport in the evening!

Thank you also to Pauline & Dave, Gary & Dee for all their help at this event. It was a special weekend as we were celebrating Dave & Pauline's Ruby wedding anniversary. It was lovely to see Craig Bennett too. Also a big thank you to everyone who supported the weekend, I hope you enjoyed it.

The dances I taught were Celtic Duo by Gary & I, Capital Letters & What I Miss Most (in memory of Audrey Watson), another by Gary & I. Other dances taught by Gary & Dee included Follow my Footprints, Vanotek Cha, Sugar & Let Me Keep You Warm.

Also a big thank you to Celtica Academy who performed a brilliant show and to my 3 boys, who made John & I so proud. There are a few video clips and photos on my Facebook but more photos can be seen in my website Southport Photo Album.

Coventry 2017

Coventry 2016

I had a brilliant weekend of fun and friendship at my Home Game event in Coventry, with my great friends Dave and Pauline Baycroft. We had a special star guest this year all the way from Australia, the one and only Simon Ward! Tim Johnson, with whom I choreographed Strip That Down, also popped in on Friday evening and for the Saturday Workshop.

Our Saturday night theme was of course "Down Under"! There were so many fantastic costumes - well done everybody!

I taught Tension, Dancing In The Daylight and my new Intermediate Hearts On Fire. Simon taught Hurts Like a Cha Cha, Equal Love, Story and Friends For Life. Tim taught his latest dance Call The Doc.

Thanks to everyone for your tremendous support, especially those who travelled from Austria, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway and Switzerland. Thanks as always to Gwen for her help during the event and also to Dee Musk for her help with Dave's Early Bird sessions.

Some photos and videos of the event are on my public Facebook. More photos can be found in my Photo Album.

Majorca 2017

Majorca 2017

We had a great time linedancing in Majorca with about 70 dancers from Austria, France, Germany, Guernsey, Switzerland and UK. The hotel, the weather, the people and everything was wonderful. We linedanced so much that it was like a bootcamp! It was lovely meeting all the people new to our dance holidays - I'm pleased you all had a great time.

Many thanks to my guest choreographer and DJ, Jamie Barnfield, who did a fabulous job entertaining us. Many thanks also to our Club Dance Holidays host Anja who looked after us so well.

During the week, I taught all my latest dances, including Wandering Hearts, OpenYour Eyes, Cards On The Table, Save Me Tonight and Strip That Down. I also taught my new Intermediate Love So Soft, to a great track by Kelly Clarkson, and my new dance that I choreographed with Gary O'Reilly called Tension. Some video clips of my new dances are published on my Videos page and Facebook.

Jamie taught his latest dances including Shadow of Your Love, Body Moves, Come On Baby, Let It Swing, Spagna and Tequila Boom Boom.

Our party night theme was "Bad Taste" and the costumes were great. Well done Gwen and Moni! Some selected photos will be published in my Photo Album and on my Facebook soon.

I hope to see many of you again before not too long - and many of you in Cyprus!

Spain 2017

Spain 2017

A massive thank you to everybody who came to my dance holiday week in Calpe, Spain. We had a fabulous time with about 100 dancers from Austria, England, France, Germany, Guernsey, Holland, Jersey, Norway, Scotland, Switzerland and Wales.

Thanks to everyone who supported this holiday, it was really great to see you all, especially those new to our dance holidays. I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did. It was lovely seeing you all mixing together so well - a true family gathering.

Many thanks to my great friend, choreographer and DJ Gary O'Reilly and to my other guest choreographer Raymond Sarlemijn. A special thanks also to Anja and Club Dance Holidays for all the holiday arrangements that worked so well.

All the dances we taught were well received. Dances I taught were Scared of the Dark, Promise Me, Stay My Love & Dream On. While in Calpe, Gary and I choreographed a new dance 'You Better Believe' to a track by Train. Gary taught this and, from the feedback received, it was one of the dance highlights of the week.

Gary also taught his recent dances Love on a Weekend, Light It Up and Love Remains, while Raymond taught (Sweat) A La La La La Long, Englishman in New York, Bae, Dance with the Devil and Love on Me.

Thanks to everyone who took part in the fancy dress parade. Markus made a very good Snow White! And well done to those who revised during the week for some of my Classic dances that were danced during the evening socials. (Some of my popular classic dances are listed at the end of the Events page.)

There are some video clips and selected photos of this holiday on my Facebook but more photos can be seen in my Spain 2017 and Spain 2017 Party Night Photo Albums. I look forward to seeing many of you again on our next dance holidays and weekend events, or while I am on tour in your country!

Southport 2017

Southport 2017

Straight after Mothers Day school assembly, my friend Ronnie & I headed off to Southport for my Experience weekend, but oh what a nightmare journey due to part of the M6 being closed, we finally arrived 10 hours later!

However, it was a fabulous weekend and I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did. Big thanks to Pauline and Dave, Neville, Julie, Dee and of course everyone who supported the weekend, it really was great to see you all. All the dances taught went down well; my dances taught were Scared of the Dark, Promise Me, Nancy Mulligan & Stay My Love.

Also a big thank you to Celtica Academy who performed a brilliant show and to my 3 boys, who made John & I so proud, watching them dance with Celtica and playing their musical instruments. There are some video clips on my Facebook and the photos can be seen in my Southport Photo Album.

Port Talbot, Wales 2017

Wales 2017

We had a fantastic Maggie G Experience Weekend in Port Talbot, Wales, with Pauline, Dave and my guest choreographer Gary O'Reilly. It was great to see everybody. It was brilliant and we had so much fun at the gambling tables playing Pontoon and Roulette in Las Vegas! Thank you all for coming.

In our workshops, I taught my new Intermediate dance Stay My Love and my new Improver dance Dream On, plus my CBA Intermediate dance Anywhere.

Gary and I co-choreographed a new Beginner dance Paddy's Choir, which Gary taught and will be released later. Gary also taught several of his latest dances including Love Remains, Crazy As Me and Love on the Weekend. During our early bird and late bird sessions, Big Dave taught Wants and Needs, Rachael's Pink Champagne and The Anthem. Thank you Gary and Dave.

Coventry 2016

Coventry 2016

Thank you to everyone supporting the Coventry Home Game weekend at the Royal Court Hotel. We had people from England, Germany, Norway, Austria, the Netherlands and France.

Thank you so much to Roy Hadisubruto and Fiona Murray for joining us this weekend and to Pauline and Dave for everything you do. Thank you also to Dee Musk for helping out during the weekend.

I taught my new waltz, Echoes of Love, Chantaje (co-choreographed with Gary O'Reilly), Hurts, Boomerang and Funky Love.

Thank you for watching the live videos and your nice comments!

Cyprus 2016

Cyprus 2016

We made the most of the sunshine in Cyprus! It was a great week, full of fun and lots of dancing. Thank you to everyone supporting the holiday from England, Guernsey, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland and Germany and of course the mad Irish charmer himself, Gary O'Reilly.

While in Cyprus, Gary & I choreographed a new Intermediate dance Chantaje, which is to the song of the same name by Shakira. I also taught my new waltz, Echoes of Love, which was later released at my Coventry Home Game Experience weekend.

Spain 2016

Spain 2016

We've just had a fabulous week in Calpe, with lots of fun, friendship and sunshine. Many thanks to all who supported the holiday, I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. My special thanks also to my guest choreographers, Roy Verdonk and Gary O'Reilly, and to Anja and all the team at Club Dance Holidays.

It was great being back at the Diamante Beach Hotel in Calpe, a lovely venue right near the beach. Thanks Gary for being our excellent DJ.

During the holiday I taught Secret Love, I'll Be Alright, Stand By You, Just Let Me and Hey Boy Hey Girl. Roy taught Be Happy Now, Three Beers To Mexico, Digital Age and I Love Me. Gary taught Corazon Diamante, Bring On The Good Times, Boogaloo, Overloading, 2 Lane Highway and Just Have Faith.

We had dancers from Austria, France, Germany, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Jersey and UK. I hope to see many of you again on future Club Dance Holidays, or on my forthcoming tours.

Southport 2016

Southport 2016

WOW! What a fantastic weekend in Southport! A very big thank you to Big Dave and Pauline for all their hard work, to Rob Fowler our special guest choreographer, to all the gang from my Coventry club and to everyone who came! Thank you so so much for your support, I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. It truly was an amazing weekend!

I taught my new dances I'll Be Alright (Intermediate) and Boogaloo (Beginner, co-written with Gary O'Reilly), together with Stand By You (Advanced) and Secret Love (Intermediate). Rob taught Teddy Bear's Picnic, Tangled Up, Jumpin' in the Morning, Hey Hey Hallelujah and Rum is the Reason. Dave also taught Take It Off, Lover Come Back and Mirror Mirror.

During Saturday evening my Celtica Academy gave a 2-part show which we all enjoyed performing, especially Sean - I was very proud!

As usual, the fancy dresses were excellent and we all had a ball! Finally, thanks to Gwen for all her help during the weekend.

Coventry 2015

Coventry 2015

On behalf of Dave, Pauline and myself, thank you so much to everyone who supported my Coventry Home Game. We had a fantastic time and the atmosphere was just so lovely, we had so much fun. As you can see from the photos in my Photo Album, the fancy dress costumes were brilliant!!

Thank you also to my lovely guest choreographer Daniel Trepat. I hope you enjoyed his teaches along with my new dances too. I was overwhelmingly surprised when Daniel presented me with my Best International Dance Teacher of 2014 award from the German Star Awards. Thank you again to everyone who voted for me.

My youngest son, Padraig, aged 5, made his Irish dancing debut and danced with his brothers Sean and Gerard. Mummy was so so proud of my gorgeous boys, as was Daddy.

We will be back at the Royal Court Hotel on 25-27 November next year, with the lovely Roy Hadisubroto, who some of you have had the pleasure of meeting in Portugal earlier this year. Booking details are on the Events page.

Portugal 2015

Portugal 2015

We had a great time on my line dance holiday in Portugal with my guest choreographer Roy Hadisubroto, a world champion megastar. It was good to see familiar faces and to welcome new ones.

During the week, I taught my two brand new dances - Greater Than Me and Roads. I also taught my other recent dances - Tribal Heartbeat, Simply the One, Here's To Us, Don't Dance Alone and The Galway Gathering.

Roy taught his dances Promise, Obsesion, Angel and Party Time, which were fun to learn with some great styling. He gave us a superb Showtime demo on our Party night, which left me in quite a spin - literally!! Thanks Roy for helping to make such a fun week. One of our Norwegian dancers, Berit Johannessen, also taught us her dance Spirit.

My thanks go to Dave "The Rave" Blake our DJ, who did such a splendid job with all our dance requests and to Gwen my valued helper who, amongst other things, decorated our party night tables so well. Anja, our Club Dance Holidays tour host, did an excellent job as always looking after all our travel and hotel arrangements, which was much appreciated.

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