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Blackpool 2009

LDF Reach Out Campaign 2020

I had great fun dancing Red Hot Salsa in my back garden for the Line Dance Foundation's Reach Out campaign. My son Sean took pictures of me dancing it. I hope you got to dance it too.

It was a special day in the Linedance community as LDF launched their campaign for mental health awareness. I am very proud to be an ambassador of the LDF.

Love Maggie x

🍀 🍀 🍀 🍀 🍀 🍀 🍀 🍀 🍀 🍀 🍀 🍀 🍀

I just want to say a massive thank you for all the lovely messages I have received over the last six months. I truly miss not being able to travel and seeing everyone on the events I was booked on for this year. I love to teach and always enjoy catching up with everyone personally.

Also a massive thank you to everyone who comes to see me in my kitchen online every week. Your support is very much appreciated. It is a busy household, "Beautiful Madness", but I really enjoy dancing with you all in my kitchen every week. It has been a great way of keeping in touch and I am really looking forward to dancing with you again online.

In the meantime, please keep safe everybody until we can one day meet again on the dance floor.

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I have now started teaching my linedance classes and one of my Irish dance classes in Coventry. We will linedance on Monday & Wednesday nights as normal. We will be following all the necessary guidelines to ensure everyone's safety.

I am really looking forward to continuing with my online class. I will be teaching my online class every Thursday evening from 6pm (BST). I look forward to welcoming back everyone who has joined me over the past 6 months. I will be teaching lots of our favourite classics and many of the newest hit dances.

If you would like to join me and my group, the cost will be £18 (one month's subscription). Please pay to:

Your support is always much appreciated.

I hope you are still being safe.

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🍀 CELTIC DUO 4.0 Saturday Night Live 🍀

Our next Celtic Duo event (proudly supporting The LDF) is on 24 October. Please save the date.

Gary & I have enjoyed teaching Shelter on our Virtual Classes. Have fun, stay safe & keep dancing!

🍀 CELTIC DUO 3.0 Saturday Night Live 🍀

Thank you to everyone who supported Celtic Duo 3.0. It was great to dance again Hey Now and Choose To Dance and I hope you enjoyed our new Intermediate dance Shelter.

Our new Improver dance, A Man Is In Love was choreographed to the music John and I used on our Wedding video 26 years ago! It is to a great track by The Waterboys.

I had such a great time choreographing the Beginner dance Fundtastic World with the lovely couple David Jones and Janet Edmunds. This was for the Line Dance Foundation FundTastic Choreography Raffle and I was very honoured to be asked to be a part of it. The dance script is on Linedancerweb.

Thank you to my good friend Nives in Switzerland for suggesting the music to my Intermediate level dance Beautiful Madness.

🍀 CELTIC DUO 2.0 Saturday Night Live 🍀

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for joining Gary & I for our Celtic Duo 2.0 event! We hope that you had as much fun as we did 💚

An extra special THANK YOU to our wonderful friend Betty Drummond‚Äč for joining us! It was lovely to have Betty with us.

A huge thank you to our friends and family who continue to support and encourage us ❤️

Stay safe everyone and we will see you all again very soon!

Lots of love,

The Celtic Duo,
Maggie & Gary 🍀

Our frontline workers are continuing to do a fantastic job and we are all so very proud of them. Paul Bailey has written a song called Stay at Home, which he has dedicated to all the frontline NHS workers. I am very proud to have choreographed a fun 32 count Beginner dance, which is available at: Linedancerweb.

There is a JustGiving link on the sheet if you would like to make a donation.

Gary & I both hope this finds you all well and rested after our amazing Celtic Duo Saturday Night Live event. We could not have imagined it would turn out to be such a success and we are so grateful for all the amazing feedback and comments that you have shared publicly and privately with us both.

Firstly we wish to say a massive THANK YOU to Kelly & Kelly at 7 Arrow Media for broadcasting the show for us. We could not have done it without you. You are both stars and we hope you realise the powerful impact your work is having on all of us dancers during this time. Thank you so so much.

To Nathan Carter, who was an absolute star and joined in the fun, THANK YOU. I'm not sure he will see this, HOWEVER, I think you will all agree he was phenomenal and it was a dream come true having Nathan join both of us on this virtual journey with you all.

To Assumpta Murphy, for climbing the fence next door and joining Gary in his dining room. THANK YOU, you are a nut Assumpta, HAHA.

To Debbie, Keeley, Marc, & John for always supporting Gary & I in everything we both do, no matter if it's in the real world or online you are always there to support and encourage us no matter what. THANK YOU so much for all you continue to do on a daily basis for the Celtic Duo. THANK YOU for putting up with the madness that ensued behind the scenes and for keeping us on track. Gary & I are beyond greatful and cannot thank you enough for everything. We love you all.

A huge THANK YOU to Betty from the LDF, for continuing to keep the LDF alive in its efforts to support dance professionals and semi-professionals in this time of extreme need. As ambassadors for the LDF, Gary & I both recognise the impact LDF support & LDF grants have on people's lives and Gary personally, as a recipient of LDF funding in 2018 he is beyond greatful for all the LDF continues to do.

Gary & I are so proud to announce that the "Celtic Duo Saturday Night Live" event raised €3600, of which €1800 will be donated to The Irish Cancer Society and €1800 to the LDF. We cannot express how thankful we know both charities will be for these much needed donations.

Finally, we would like to extend a most sincere THANK YOU to each and everyone of you who joined us in supporting these two amazing charities, the LDF & The Irish Cancer Society. It is our firm belief that no matter what life throws at us dancers, we all come together and we create magic. We could not have done it without you and your support and encouragement. To all our dance friends from all over the world, THANK YOU. To our non-dancing friends and family, THANK YOU. To both of our clubs who continue to support everything we do, THANK YOU. We are truly blessed and appreciate you all so much.

I was so delighted that Rachael McEnaney White asked me to teach again on Digital Dance 3. The theme on Friday was pyjama day and I taught one of my classic dances, Dancing Violins, and my new Improver level dance Love You Now. I had so much fun trying to dance Dancing Violins in my slippers, which I managed to keep on most of the time 😊 Thank you so much to Rachael.

Assumpta Murphy was brilliant teaching a brand new dance Gary O'Reilly & I have choreographed together called I Dare to Love by the fabulous Kelly Clarkson. I have been teaching all of these dances on my virtual dance classes, which are every Tuesday & Thursday evening 19:00-21:00 UK time. We have had great fun learning new dances and recapping old ones. If you would like to join us, please see details below.

Please note that I am currently unable to access my "Drowsy" Maggie Gallagher email address as listed on the Contact Page (last table entry). Until further notice, if anyone has emailed this address, please forward the email to the General Enquiries email address listed on that page.

Thank you so much to everyone who has joined my online class. I am overwhelmed with all the fantastic comments and so pleased everyone enjoyed it. It was a little nerve racking for me as I've never done this before.

Anyone is still welcome to join (see the Classes page). I'll be online on Tuesdays and Thursdays and previous classes are available to view on the group.

Keep safe everybody and follow the government guidelines. xx

🍀 "MAGGIE G" On-Line Classes 🍀

I hope everyone is keeping safe and we can all see each other again soon. In the meantime, I am pleased to announce that I am inviting you to join my weekly online classes, LIVE from my home via my Facebook.

You are now be able to sign up and take my classes from the comfort of your own home. Please see my Classes page for more information. Special thanks to Gary and to Keeley for all their help.

During this difficult time keep safe and God bless everybody.

Maggie G x

A big thank you Rachael McEnaney for organising the Digital Dance Weekend. It was such a wonderful event, great teachers and dances and I really enjoyed teaching my Intermediate dance, Tear Me Down. Thank you to Jessie Chan & Cody Flowers for all their help and support.

It was with great sadness that I had to make the difficult decision to cancel my plans to travel to Benidorm, Spain, to dance with the fantastic Andrea Atkinson.

With the COVID-19 virus spreading rapidly and the number of cases increasing hour-by-hour and day-by-day in Europe, and with my three children and elderly father in mind, I felt that this was the best decision for me at this time.

I wished Andrea all the very best for her event and I was truly gutted that I had to make this difficult decision not to travel and to miss seeing all my line dance friends.

Stay safe everyone and take care of each other. Lots of love, Maggie G x

The CBA was an amazing weekend and I still can't believe Faithful Soul won Intermediate Dance of the Year and even more so, Dance of the Year. Thank you so, so much to everyone who voted, Gary & I really do appreciate it.

Special thanks to Dave & Pauline Baycroft, Keeley, Sally & Mike, Audrey, Catherine, Gwen, Tracey, Roni, Janne, Jane Kenrick and Margaret Hains for all your continued support. Also, a massive thank you to my club in Coventry for all their support again this year.