Maggie G - News

Blackpool 2009

I am so thrilled to have received the International Choreographer award from the German Living Line Dance Star Awards 2018. Thank you so much to everyone who voted for me, I really appreciate it. I'm sorry I couldn't be with you at the event and am sure you all had a fantastic weekend. Also, special thanks to Daniella & Dorte at Living Line Dance, who work so hard.

It was lovely to welcome Geoff & Anne Matthews from Australia to my class again on Monday, photo attached. Geoff & Anne spent time with us when they were last in the UK and it was lovely to see them both again.

A very big thank you to DJ Jimmy for inviting me to his event in Neupetershain, Germany in July. It was an amazing event with two halls, great dances and live music.

It was lovely to see everyone in Germany again, especially Reiner from The Feather Dancers. I taught 8 of my latest dances, which everyone enjoyed.

Special thanks also to DJ Henry, who was also on the event and to Birgit Oelker for all your help and for kindly sending me the photos. All are now on my public Facebook and a selection are in the Photo Gallery.

I hope everyone in the UK is enjoying the fantastic weather, so nice to have a summer, my boys are loving it.

Celtica Show 2018

WOW, what an amazing Celtica 2018 Charity Show! We are so proud to have raised a fantastic amount of money for our special charities. We don't have a final total yet as we are awaiting final figures from the theatre, but we know we have raised at least £7,500!

This year the show was dedicated to a very special friend, Sinead O'Toole, who was also a massive part of Celtica. Sadly we lost Sinead to cancer, we miss her so much. I was overwhelmed at the end of Saturday night's finale when Sinead's sister from America appeared on stage with the most beautiful bouquet of flowers. This was a very emotional time.

Thank you to all the children and adult dancers, who have worked so, so hard. Also my thanks to all the parents for their continued support and to everyone who helped. There are too many helpers to name, but you all know who you are.

I would also like to express my special thanks to Chris Egan from the Irish Post. He always supports our show and takes fabulous photos, which will be featured in the Irish Post newspaper in approx two week's time. Be sure to get your copy! In the meantime, there are a few photos in the Photo Gallery and more on my public Facebooks.

Finally, a very big thank you to every single member of the audience for coming to see us and supporting the show, we really appreciate it. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you, thank you.

I am so sorry I have not been able to post anything during the last couple of weeks, but every spare moment I have been rehearsing with all my Irish dancers for our extravaganza charity show.

I would like to express my special thanks to all the parents - the children have worked so hard at class and in all the rehearsals. Thank you also to all the senior and adult dancers for all their hard work and commitment.

We are so proud to be performing our 8th charity show raising money for very well deserved causes. Every dancer from the academy takes part to showcase their talents on the Belgrade Theatre stage. This show really brings the community together and everyone is welcome.

At the end of June I had a great weekend in Newcastle with Dee Musk, Jamie Barnfield, Rep Ghazali, Ria Vos & Pauline Baycroft celebrating Big Dave's special 60th birthday. It was a special weekend and wonderful to see Dave Baycroft enjoying his birthday surprises, he loved it. Friday night was a Black & White theme for his beloved Newcastle FC and on Saturday evening the theme was Star Trek as he is a massive fan. There are some lovely photos in the Photo Gallery.

For this event, I choreographed a new Intermediate dance to The Thing About You by Chloe Agnew.

Hope you are all enjoying the beautiful weather.

I had a great day in Aberdeen with Elma Robertson. It was lovely to see everyone in Scotland and Janne travelled over from Spain.

The dances I taught were If You Dare, I'll Be There, Save Me Tonight, Familiar and Beautiful Flames.

It was also lovely to see Calico, who played in the evening. Thank you to everyone for supporting Elma. There are some photos in the Photo Gallery.

Thank you to Fred & Aurelie Chabbat for inviting me back to Peypin. It was so lovely to see everyone again and meet new people, it was a great day.

Thank you to everyone who supported the event, some I know travelled quite a distance to see me, this was much appreciated. Please see my Videos page for a video showing extracts from this event, which gives me many lovely memories.

I had a lovely day with Mat at his event in Edington, Somerset. Amongst the dances I taught were mine & Gary's Beautiful Flames & I'll Be There, which were both very well received.

Thank you Mat and to everyone who came along and supported Mat, it was lovely to see you all. There are some photos in the Photo Gallery and some videos on the Videos page.

I had a wonderful weekend with Joelle and dancers in La Rochelle, France. Thank you to Joelle for inviting me and also to all her friends - Gaby, Terese, Brigette, Veronique and Josephine - for helping to look after me so well. Thank you for making me so welcome, the beautiful chocolate cake and the very kind gifts given to not just me, but for my children too. I was overwhelmed.

On Friday we had an Irish dance technique workshop and social, which was a lot of fun. Dances I taught this weekend were: Celtic Duo, What I Miss Most, Tightrope, Familiar and my new easy Intermediate dance, If You Dare, to Dare by Gary Barlow and the cast of The Girls. Sorry, I won’t be releasing this dance for another couple of weeks as it is needed for events in June.

As you all know prior to going to Cyprus, I was working with Gary O'Reilly with our weekend in Enniscrone, Sligo. Thank you to everyone who came from the North & South of England and to those who travelled over from Germany - it was lovely to see you all.

We had a great time in Cyprus on the Club Dance Holidays & Maggie G International Linedance holiday at the 4-star Athena Beach Hotel in Paphos. I am so proud to have had dancers from so many different countries: Austria, Germany, Guernsey, Jersey, Northern Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK.

The Athena Beach is a beautiful hotel right on the beach and the food, hotel service and facilities were amazing. The weather was great with temperatures hitting 29 degrees! However, we were busy with lots of workshops teaching my latest dances, Familiar, Celtic Duo, No Apology, Tightrope, Capital Letters and another brand new easy Intermediate called "If You Dare" to the track Dare by Gary Barlow and the cast of The Girls.

The fun loving Jamie Barnfield was with us and taught several dances including a great new Intermediate nightclub called If It's Meant to Be. I have posted a video on my public Facebook, but do check out this great dance.

Gary O'Reilly arrived later in the week and dances taught included his new Intermediate dance Vanotek Cha and our new Advanced dance Beautiful Flames that we have jointly choreographed.

Thank you to Gary, Jamie & Anja for all their hard work in making my dance holiday with Club Dance Holidays in Cyprus such a fabulous fun week. We really did have a fantastic time, with fabulous weather & great dancing.

Our party night last Friday had a theme of anything beginning with M, well done to everyone for their fabulous costumes. Also well done to all the men who took part in showtime, you were all fabulous. There are photos from this great week in my Photo Album and more on my public Facebook.

Our next holiday is at the lovely Hotel AR Diamante Beach and Spa in Calpe. This is a fabulous dance venue in a great location and close to the beach.

If you would like to join us full details can be found at the Club Dance Holidays website. Thank you once again to the wonderful Anja, our ever present Club Dance Holidays rep for all her help during our Cyprus holiday.