Maggie G - News

Blackpool 2009

I was very honoured to be teaching at Audrey Watson's memorial weekend. It was a very touching and poignant weekend celebrating Audrey's life. It was certainly a wonderful weekend I will never forget. Audrey's family and line dance club did her proud. It was lovely that some of my club came up too. Thank you to Crazy Hazie the DJ, it was lovely to work with you and nice to see Rep Ghazali-Meaney too.

We opened the weekend with Audrey's award-winning dance, Be Strong, and danced many other dances she had choreographed. I taught a special dance that Gary & I had choreographed in Audrey's memory called What I Miss Most by Calum Scott. Audrey's club & family loved the dance and it went down really well with everyone. The sheet will be out later this week.

I also taught Celtic Duo, the new improver dance Gary & I choreographed in preparation for St Patrick's Day. Being in Scotland they loved the Celtic music and I also taught Hearts on Fire. We had a minute's silence for Audrey and her club released balloons. You'll see from the photos that there was also a beautiful cake in celebration of Audrey too. An amazing weekend we will all never forget.

On arrival, back home I was very spoilt by my 3 gorgeous boys for Mothering Sunday.

Gary & I have released our new Irish dance, Celtic Duo. Thank you to Anton & Sully who very kindly edited their original track so we could use this fabulous music. The sheet is now available from Copperknob and Linedancerweb. There is a video of the dance taken at my workshop at Audrey Watson's memorial weekend on my Videos page.

I have released my new intermediate dance, Capital Letters. The step sheet is available at: Copperknob and Linedancerweb. This is to a great track of the same name by Hailee Steinfeld from the latest 50 Shades Freed movie. I hope you enjoy the dance. Unfortunately, I couldn't teach it at Keeley's Charity event, which was cancelled due to the snow, but I was able to teach it to my class.

I've been to Scotland for Audrey Watson's funeral. It was a beautiful service, not only was Audrey talented in line dancing, but she also had many other natural gifts in her life.

I met her beautiful family again as well as her line dance club. Many dancers from the club came to pay their respects to the instructor they dearly loved. Audrey's Crystal Boot Award for Be Strong was displayed proudly in the church and I know Audrey was so proud to have received this.

Audrey will be greatly missed by all. If you have a chance to dance Be Strong in your classes, please do so to honour Audrey.

I have choreographed a new intermediate dance to Capital Letters by Hailee Steinfeld, which I will be teaching at Keeley's charity event in Oxford. I'm looking forward to working with Gary and it will be great to see everyone down south again. A great fun day raising money for Cancer Research and CLIC Sargent in memory of two very special people close to Keeley's heart.

I was deeply saddened to hear of the loss of Audrey Watson from Scotland, who passed away just recently.

Audrey was a great ambassador of line dancing and had a wonderful line dance club, which she had run for many years. Audrey choreographed many dances and her great hit dance, Be Strong, filled many floors around the world.

I was very honoured to know Audrey as a friend and on 9th March this year Audrey was going to host her first line dance weekend, which I was lucky enough to be invited on as the guest choreographer. It was Audrey's wish that this weekend would go ahead, her club & I will honour this and make it a special weekend in memory of her.

Audrey will be sadly missed by all her line dance friends in Scotland and all around the world. My thoughts and prayers are very much with Audrey's husband, her lovely daughter Tracey and all her family at this sad time.

Thank you to Sandra & Emmanuel Masse for inviting me to their event in Gasville Oiseme, France, in February. Thank you also to Francine & André, who I met during the weekend. This was my first time here and it was lovely to meet new people, I had a fantastic time.

I taught Tightrope, Wandering Hearts & Hearts on Fire, which I'm pleased to say they loved. There are a few photos from the day in my Photo Gallery.

A very big thank you to Monique, Marie-Claude and everyone at Cicadance, France, for making me so welcome. It was lovely to see you all again and I was so pleased to see everyone enjoying my dances.

Tickets for my next Celtica 2018 Charity Show at the Belgrade Theatre, Coventry, on 13 & 14 July are now on sale. You may Book Online here.

This is the Academy's 8th charity show, which stars all dancers from my Irish dance school aged 4-40+.

Imaginative choreography and dazzling costume combines Irish dance & music in a fantastic evening of entertainment! We are proud to have raised over £40,000 for various charities.

Lovely to see everyone at the Crystal Boot Awards in Blackpool. Well done to all the award winners. Special congratulations to Gary O'Reilly on his hat-trick.

Well done also to the Linedancer Magazine team for another great event. Please give them your continued support during 2018.

There are some photos from the CBA on my public Facebook. It was lovely to see Daniella & Dorte from Germany's Living Line Dance Magazine at the CBA - it was really nice to catch up with so many people.

Thank you to Caroline and everyone who supported the Chatswing festival in Courbevoie, France, during January. It was lovely to see Jose & Jeremie who were also guest choreographers.

I taught my new intermediate dances Tightrope & No Apology as well as Paddy's Choir, Save Me Tonight, Wandering Hearts, Hearts on Fire, The Galway Gathering, Cards on the Table & Tension.

There are links to photos and videos from the Chatswing Festival on my Facebook. The video links are also on my Videos page.

Thank you to everyone who supported Janis's event in Southampton. Big thank you to Janis for inviting me, it was a great day.

Also a very proud Mummy moment with my youngest Padraig getting Man of the Match at his football.

Maggie Birthday 2017

A lovely birthday morning with my boys, spoilt with many lovely presents. Thank you for all the kind text messages today. xx

Daddy treated us to a lovely meal to celebrate my birthday. Another year older, but it was a lovely day!

I was so chuffed to learn that I had been awarded the Spanish 16th Line Dance Association Hall of Fame award for the Best International Choreographer. A huge thankyou to everyone who voted for me, I am very touched and overwhelmed. I am so sorry I could not be there for the presentation on Sunday evening, but I always return home for my children on Sunday, which I'm sure you understand.