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Blackpool 2009

France 2022

Wow, what a fabulous time I had in France teaching with Mary Plateau from Latin dance. This was Mary's first event and the room looked beautiful, there was so much time and effort put into this event and it made me feel so welcome!

Thank you so much to the brilliant DJ Florence, to Stéphanie Bijon and to all the dancers at Lathan Dance for the organisation of the day and the wonderful food. It was so amazing to see so many dancers travelling from all over France to the event, you were all so lovely.

A special thank you to Katrin, Denise and Annick for looking after me as always. ☘️❤️☘️❤️☘️❤️

The dances I taught were Through Your Eyes, I See Stars, Here We Go, mine and Gary's new dance Hasta La Vista and my new dance Wind In My Sails.

It was a great social night and thank you so much for dancing a lot of Maggie G dances, my feet were sore! 🤣

Some photos of the event are in my Photo Gallery and more are on my public Facebook.


What a great time I had in Huelva, Spain, with Gary and Lee. You were both amazing and thank you Lee for coming to help us. 🙏 It was so nice to have Marc with us too. 😍

Thank you to our dance friends who joined us from England, Ireland, Guernsey and all over Europe - it was so good to be dancing with you all. 😍

In the mornings it was great to dance by the pool and our private dancefloor and bar 🍸 in the evenings, such a great place. Gary and Lee taught some great dances, I taught my new dance Wind In My Sails and Gary and I have a new one Hasta La Vista. The step sheets will be out soon.

Club Dance Holidays organise great holidays using 4-star hotels. We had a wonderful time, great food and Anja from Club Dance Holidays looked after us all so well. ❤️

Our next Club Dance Holiday is Cyprus in October, details are on the Events page. Come and join us for a great week away.
💚 Love Maggie xx 💚

I am super excited to finally be in the South of Spain with Club Dance Holidays for the Maggie G holiday week. For obvious reasons, we have been waiting for two years to get to the fabulous Puerto Antilla Grand Hotel in Huelva. The hotel has a beautiful pool area and is right on the seafront.

It's going to be a fantastic week with guests Gary O'Reilly and a huge welcome to Lee Hamilton, who has joined us for the first time. I've been so looking forward to seeing everyone.

What a wonderful time I had, so many lovely dancers, instructors and choreographers. Thank you to the lovely dancers from Texas and other parts of the world - you were so kind to me. 🙏 Thank you so much to all the linedancers who came to my workshops I couldn't believe how many of you turned up. It was great to meet and chat to you all. 😍

I was so happy to be part of the western-themed show. A big thank you to Jill Babinec, it was great fun doing the Irish/Clog dance off together.

Thank you Nikki Simpson for organising such a great event and looking after us so well. Also, thanks to Julie for feeding and keeping us fuelled up.

Was good to catch up with Glenn Ball and Joanne Brady after about 20yrs too 😍 and I was shocked and thrilled to meet Vivienne Tu and Yvonne Hays. Also great to meet Cody Flowers, JP Potter, Britt, Meghan and Chris Gonzalez for the first time.

I also got to meet Jo Thompson's daughter Anna, so grown up just like my Sean, and Roy Verdonk's beautiful twin girls. Where does the time go? 🤔

The dances I taught: Waiting On Your Love, I See Stars 🤩, I'm On My Way, Only Us and Through Your Eyes.

OMG I also did an Irish Dance Technique workshop. So many of you came and it was really good fun. I think maybe our legs were aching the next day lol.

Thank you for all the lovely messages. 💚

Take care.
Love Maggie x

I had a great day at the workshop in Totton. I hope everyone had fun.

Thank you to Janis Budgen for inviting me and to everyone who came. 💚

I taught I See Stars, Waiting On Your Love, Only Us and a Maggie G classic from 2007 - Guardian Angel.

Thank you for all the lovely comments about the dances. 💚

See you all again soon. Stay safe.

💚☘️ Love Maggie ☘️💚

Well what an absolutely amazing weekend it's been at the Celtic Connection with Gary.

Firstly I am so proud of you Gary. 💚 It has been such a very sad time for you losing your Nanny and Great Aunt and attending the funeral on Saturday. You have done such a wonderful job this weekend, sending you lots of love. 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

A special thank you to Debbie Hanlon and Avril for all your hard work and organisation - you did a great job. 😍😍😍

It really was so good to be back this year, Gary and I together again, amazing hotel, dance friends joining us from Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Wales, Scotland, England, all over Ireland and my club from Coventry. It was so lovely to see my Mum too. 💚 Thank you all for joining us and making it such a special weekend. 😍

☘️💚 I can't wait for next year. 💚☘️
💚 Love Maggie 💚

💚☘️ What an amazing weekend in Southport ☘️💚

Thank you to Big Dave, Pauline and Gwen for all your hard work and a special thank you to Jose and Guillaume who kept us all laughing all weekend. 💚💚

The show on Saturday evening was so good, thank you everyone for all your comments, so glad you enjoyed it. Thank you to Celtica for performing and to my boys who played the Irish music. I am so proud of you.

Thank you for all the lovely comments about the dances. I taught I See Stars, Through Your Eyes, 100 Years and Waiting On Your Love.

Thank you to everyone who joined us. It was so good to be dancing with you all again and catching up with some people I haven't seen for so long. 😍 Hope you all had a safe trip home.
See you soon.
💚 Love Maggie 💚

We had a very busy ☘️ St. Patrick's Day ☘️ Thank you so much to my Celtica Academy Irish Dance Troupe.

It was great fun dancing all over our home town of Coventry until late and they all worked so hard. 💚💚💚 We were raising money for costumes for our charity show, which is fast approaching on 8/9 July this year.

We had a St. Patrick's Line Dance Social with my lovely club in Coventry. The theme was 💚 Green To Be Seen 💚 We were all practicing our dances ready for the Maggie G weekend in Southport with Big Dave next weekend and the Celtic Connection with Gary and I the following weekend. Lots to look forward to. 😍

I hope you all had a great ☘️ St. Patrick's Day ☘️
Love Maggie 💚💚

I had a wonderful day in Bath with Mandy Eades, thank you Mandy for such a great day. 💚 Thank you Freya for looking after me so well and thank you to everyone who came to Mandy's club, it was so great to see you all and to be dancing with you. 💚

We had a very busy day, these are the dances I taught: I'm On My Way, I See Stars 🤩 🤩, 100 Years, Waiting On Your Love and Through Your Eyes to a great track by Morgan Wade.

Thank you for all the lovely comments about the dances, it's much appreciated. 🙏 🙏

There are a few pictures from the day in my Photo Gallery, sorry if I missed anyone. 🙃

Take care, stay safe.
☘️☘️ Love Maggie ☘️☘️

Thank you to everyone for all the wonderful messages about our weekend in Austria and thankyou again to the ACWDA for organising such a special event. 🙏 💚

I would like to say a huge thank you to Dagmar Blecha who stood in at the last minute as DJ for the whole event. You were amazing, a real superstar and you did a great job. 💚 🤩 💚

Sending lots of hugs to everyone.
😍 Love Maggie xx 😍

What an amazing weekend in Austria, organised by the ACWDA.

Thank you to Dagmar Blecha, Dagmar Ziegar-Fischer and Reinhard Fischer. It was so sad Franziska couldn't be with us, I missed you my friend. ❤️

Thank you to all those who joined us, travelling from all over Austria, Nives from Switzerland and Monika from Germany.

Thank you to Andrea Scharl for looking after me so well as usual. 😍 It was great to see the Maggie G Austrian A Team, you know who you are 😍 - looking forward to seeing you at the Maggie G holiday in Spain.

Dances taught were Starlights, Here We Go, Easy On Me, I'm On My Way, Only Us, Waiting On Your Love, 100 Years and A Little Bit Louder.

We all worked so hard and OMG I have never danced so many of my dances from Rock Paper Scissors, Everybody's Someone (from 20yrs ago) right through to Dance Before You Leave Me and Bad Habits. My feet are still aching 🤣 but my energy is still there. 🤣

Thank you again to everyone involved I have loved being with you all. 🥰
Stay safe
❤️ Love Maggie ❤️

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments about my dance I'm On My Way. So many of you have said what a happy song it is, just what we all need.
Sending thoughts and prayers to all those in the Ukraine. 🇺🇦 🙏 🇺🇦 🙏 🇺🇦

💚 Love Maggie 💚

It's been a long time since I've had an Absolute Beginners class in Coventry. I've started one on Monday 31st January at Holy Family Hall, Penny Park Lane, Coventry.

Anyone who is interested is very welcome to come and join me.

Please see the poster on the Classes page for details.

☘️ ☘️ ☘️ ☘️ ☘️ ☘️ ☘️ ☘️ ☘️ ☘️ ☘️ ☘️

I just want to say a massive thank you for all the lovely messages I have received over the last six months. I truly miss not being able to travel and seeing everyone on the events I was booked on for this year. I love to teach and always enjoy catching up with everyone personally.

Also a massive thank you to everyone who comes to see me online every week. Your support is very much appreciated. It is a busy household, "Beautiful Madness", but I really enjoy dancing with you all every week. It has been a great way of keeping in touch and I am really looking forward to dancing with you again online.

In the meantime, please keep safe everybody until we can one day meet again on the dance floor.

💚 💚 💚 💚 💚 💚 💚 💚 💚 💚 💚

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