Maggie G - News

Blackpool 2009

Audrey Tinley has been a massive part of my club for the past 24 years. Recently at class night we surprised her with a little birthday party. We were thrilled her husband came along to surprise her by bringing in the birthday cake. Special thanks to Catherine Gow, who kindly made the beautiful cake. (See pictures in the Photo Gallery or on my Facebook.)

Recently it was great to be in the North and then in the South of the UK. A big thank you to Tracey Keqa for inviting me to Leeds. It was a fabulous day and so lovely to see everyone up North. The dances I taught were Keep It Simple, Home To You, We'll Be Dancing, I Hope and Loyal To Me.

Also, a very big thank you to Janis Budgen for inviting me back to Southampton. Another fabulous day and again so lovely to see everyone down south.

The dances I taught were Keep It Simple, Home To You, We'll Be Dancing, I Hope and one of my new dances for Southport.

I am really looking forward to my Southport weekend, 22-25 March. It will be a great weekend with Big Dave and Pauline and our lovely guest choreographer Maddison Glover. If you are interested in joining us please do contact Pauline Baycroft.

March is an extremely busy month for me so this week I have been busy choreographing new dances for my Southport event, 22-25 March. The tracks I have choreographed to are You & I by Léon and She Ain't Me by Sophia Scott. I have road tested the dances with some members of my class and am really pleased with them. These dances will be released after my Southport weekend.

We have recently had a few spare places become available for Southport. If anyone would like to join us, please do contact Big Dave. My guest choreographer is the lovely Maddison Glover, with whom I am really looking forward to working. We promise a fantastic fun weekend!

My new Improver dance, Home To You to the track by Michael Ball, is now released. My new Intermediate dance, I Hope, to the track by Gabby Barrett and which I taught in Port Talbot, will be released before Southport.

Thank you to everyone who have been teaching Keep It Simple. I am so pleased you are enjoying the dance.

What a wonderful weekend I had in Charente, France, celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the Okies Club. I choreographed a country Beginner dance called Keep It Simple, especially for this special event. This is to a great track of the same name by James Barker Band. I have added some photos of the event on Facebook.

The dances I taught were Keep it Simple, Pushin & Shovin, Lots of Love, We'll Be Dancing & Home To You. The script for Keep It Simple is now released.

Special thanks to my friend, Heather Hay, and her husband Kevin for their very kind hospitality. Despite being delayed over 5 hours travelling back, I had a great time……the joys of travelling!

Earlier in February I went to Port Talbot to help out Pauline and Dave Baycroft along with Jamie Barnfield & Fred Whitehouse. It was lovely to see everyone in Wales. Well done to Pauline, who did an amazing job as always.

Jamie was our fabulous DJ keeping everyone happy on the dancefloor and he also taught his new waltz Reason For Living. Fred Whitehouse taught Just A Phase he choreographed with Maddison Glover. It was lovely to see Mark Furnell too, who taught a lovely dance called Moment to Breathe.

I taught my new dances and was especially proud of my new Improver dance, Home to You, a nice easy one to Michael Ball. I am now in Ireland to spend family time with the boys who are on half term school holidays. I will get the scripts out when back.

I was thrilled to see a packed floor for Hourglass, which I choreographed with Gary for my birthday celebrations last year. Thank you so much to everyone who has taught it. I love this dance.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone in Charente, France, where I will be teaching a brand new country Beginner called Keep It Simple.

My Intermediate dance Loyal To Me is now released and is available from Copperknob and Linedancerweb.

I have also choreographed 3 new dances, of which one is to the track Home to You by Michael Ball.

A massive thank you to Magali, Martina and Sandrine of Country River Saone for a special event in Mâcon, France. We celebrated the club's 15 year anniversary. It was a wonderful day and so lovely to see everyone again, I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. It was also lovely to see lots of my old dances still being danced as well as new - my feet are sore lol.

Among the dances I taught were Granted, Hourglass, We'll Be Dancing, Lots of Love and Pushin & Shovin.

Thank you to everyone supported the event.

Thank you so much for all the lovely comments and to all who have been teaching my CBA dance, We'll Be Dancing. Thank you to Gary's lovely handsome partner Mark for the pictures on Facebook. It was great to catch up with Tim Johnson again. Also it is wonderful to read how much you are enjoying We'll Be Dancing. xx

Thank you to all at Linedancerweb for a fabulous CBA weekend. I was immensely proud to present my great friend, Big Dave, with his induction into the Hall of Fame. Dave works so hard for all of us and I was so chuffed for him. Also special congratulations to another good friend, George Crutchlow, on his CBA for all his hard work with Copperknob.

I was so proud of Gary's awards and it was wonderful to see Shane & Fred doing so well too.

I was thrilled and very honoured to receive a Lifetime Achievement award for my Advanced dance Superheroes. This is one of my favourite dances and I see it still being danced everywhere I go.

It was certainly a great night for the Irish! Also big congratulations to Maddison Glover, I was so pleased and proud for you, your Mum and Dad will be beaming with pride. I'm really looking forward to Maddison coming to my Southport weekend this year in March. If you'd like to join us please do contact Big Dave.

A massive thank you to Daniella & Dorte of Living Line Dance magazine for a fantastic birthday weekend in Dresden, Germany. Yet again I was truly overwhelmed!

Thank you so much for the surprises and all the lovely cards and gift. I was totally wowed by the big poster, which everyone was able to sign throughout the weekend.

It was lovely to have my husband, John, with me too and to see so many dancers from all parts of Germany, plus Austria, Switzerland and Denmark. Thank you to everyone for travelling to the event.

We were fortunate to visit Dresden town on Saturday afternoon, which is a beautiful town and is also twinned with my home town of Coventry.

Thank you to Dorte for all the fabulous photos now on my public Facebook, such wonderful memories. Thank you also to Birgit for the video and other photos. Also to the fabulous DJ Jimmy, who played a fantastic mix all weekend and with so many of my old dances, well done to everyone for remembering them.

In Dresden I taught Lots of Love, Hourglass, Pushin & Shovin and Granted. I also taught my new dance for the CBA's, We'll Be Dancing to Everlasting by Take That. It was great to road test it in Dresden and I was thrilled with the great response. I am really chuffed to be teaching at the awards and look forward to seeing some of you there.

Thank you once again for supporting my dances. I am overwhelmed to have had dances nominated for the awards.