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Blackpool 2009

Eurodance 2024

Great weekend in Southport at Eurodance with Big Dave and all the fantastic dancers and choreographers! I had the best time teaching some of my new dances, and some of my classics, including Love Somebody, Do It All Again (Maggie G & Gary) and We Can't Wait (Maggie G & Gary).

A selection of Eurodance photos are in my Photo Gallery and there are many more on my public Facebook.

Thank you to everyone that came! ☘️☘️💚💚💃💃

I had a fantastic time in Totton at The Empire Hall with Janis Budgen and the gang! Thank you for coming out for the workshop on such a hot day! A big thank you to Janis for hosting it. 💚💚💚

The dances taught were: Do It All Again, We Can't Wait, Love Somebody, Mercy and a Maggie G classic - Rolling In The Deep!

Thank you for the best day, see you all soon! 💚💚☘️☘️💃

A lovely day at Brighton Street Working Mens Club, Heckmondwike, a massive thank you to Tracey 💚💚💚 and everyone that came, we had a great day, we had so much fun, it was lovely to see everyone! 💚💚☘️☘️

Dances taught were: Space In My Heart, The Jester And The Joker, Mercy, Love Somebody, Do It All Again and We Can't Wait.

Great social last night with all our fantastic line dancers! A big shout out to our special guests Barbara and Graham Bolton from Wales and George and Ann Crutchlow (Copperknob) - long time friends that came to visit us!

What a fantastic weekend Gary and I had in Galway at the lovely Shearwater Hotel for the Celtic Connection Weekend! Thank you to everyone that travelled from all over Europe... especially Wendy, Elaine and Kaylene all the way from the land down under! 🇦🇺

We had such a fun night on Saturday with the pyjama party theme! Thank you to Debbie Hanlon, Mark and Avril for all your help!

💚 A massive thank you to everyone that came to the weekend in Bourges, France. 🇫🇷💙 A special thank you to the organisers Baptise and Mac, thank you so much for inviting me on your very first event. 💚

💚💙 It was a wonderful event working with lots of great choreographers. A special thank you to Denise and Annick for all your help with the merchandise. 💙💚

The dances I taught: 💚 Mercy, ️My Five Boys, ️The Jester And The Joker, ️Space In My Heart, Ain't Gone Yet and my brand new dance Love Somebody. ☘️

Gary and I have also choreographed a great new absolute beginer dance to this song, I Don't Wanna Wait.

What a fantastic week we had in Crete, the Maggie G Club Dance Holiday. The 4 star Kalimera Kriti Hotel was beautiful and the food was amazing. 😍 Thank you so much to everyone who came from Sweden, Norway, Austria, Germany, France, Switzerland, Jersey, Guernsey, England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. 💙 It truly was an international event and it was so much fun dancing with you all, everyone mixing and making new friends. 🥰

It was great to dance outside by the pool, 7 nights of dancing and workshops during the day. We visited the Jolly Roger one evening and even managed to dance there too lol. 🤣 Thursday night was 💙🤍💙 Blue and White.

A massive thank you to Anya from Club Holidays for all your hard work - you are amazing. 💙🙏💙

Thank you so much to Lee Hamilton ❤️ and Gary O'Reilly ❤️ for everything. You did a great job as usual and made it so much fun, you are both brilliant. 💚🥰💚

Special thank you to Nives and Monika for helping me with my merchandise. 💙

Next year our trip with Club Dance Holidays will be to Cyprus, info on the Events page if you would like to join us.

Thanks again to everyonewho came, we really do appreciate it.

Hope you enjoy the selection of Crete photos on my Photo Album page, there must be nearly 100 on my public Facebook!! 🤣🤣 These photos are also shown on a video reel on my public Facebook.
💚☘️ Love Maggie ☘️💚

Wow! What a lovely time I had in Dallas, Texas at H.O.T - Heart of Texas Line Dance Event 🇺🇸 with Nikki Simpson and Tom Huntley! 💚

Thank you so much for inviting me again! It was great to meet so many lovely line dancers from all over America! ❤️ Thanks for all your lovely words to me and all your kindness, and for attending my workshops. 💙

It was truly great to work with such great instructors and choreographers on this event! 💚

Thank you again for all the fun! It was great to do the show on the circus theme! 🎪🤡 Everyone was brilliant in the show! ❤️

The dances I taught were: 💚 The Jester And The Joker, Ain't Gone Yet, A Wee Bit Lost, Space In My Heart, My Five Boys, Straight Line, ️Mercy and Love Somebody. ☘️

Hope to be back in a couple of years again! And thank you to all the helpers, instructors, DJs and line dancers that came! You really made me feel very welcome! 💙

I had a great time at Dutch Dance Explosion 2024 🇳🇱 over the weekend!

It was great to see Darren Bailey, Grace David, Jessie Chan, Ivon Hargan, Joe and John Kincer, Jose Miguel and of course Roy Verdonk and all his competition helpers. ❤️

A special Thankyou to Jeffke Camps who did a great job DJing and helping me out all weekend, and also to your lovely girlfriend Sophie for your help! You did a great job! ❤️

It was such a good weekend and thank you to all the dancers that came from Germany, France and Holland and my friend Nives from Switzerland, what a weekend it was for you hunny, hope you're okay! It was lovely to see everyone!

The dances I taught were: 💚 My Five Boys, Jester And The Joker, Ain't Gone Yet, A Wee Bit Lost, A Space In My Heart, In Walked You, and my 2 new dances: Mercy and Love Somebody - intermediate. ☘️

Thankyou so much to Roy and Nisrine for inviting me! I had a ball! 💙


What an amazing time I had in Macon, France, with the Country River Saone club.

Thank you so much Magalie, Remy and Martine for inviting me and for all your kindness and for looking after me. 💚 I have visited your club many times and I was honoured to be invited for your 20yr anniversay. 🎉

It was a special event with a wonderful atmosphere. 🥳

Also thank you to Fabrisse for driving me 🙏🚗🙏, Denise and Annike for your help 😍, Audrey from Geneva also for your help 😍 and to everyone who came from all over France. 💚

The show you created with all my dances was very special, thank you. 🥰

The dances I taught: 💚 MERCY (thank you for all your lovely comments, sheet will be out soon). Intermediate workshop: My Five Boys (we danced it lots of times, I know you love the Celtic dances), In Walked You. Improver workshop: Jester And The Joker, A Wee Bit Lost. Beginner Workshop: Space In My Heart. ☘️

An awesome event and so proud to be part of it.

Maggie G Experience Southport

🙏 So many to say thank you to. 🙏

Thank you Big Dave and Pauline for all your hard work you did a great job as always. 🙏 Dave you are a great DJ and worked so hard all weekend playing everyone's requests. 💚🙏💚

Thank you Fred Whitehouse for teaching some great dances and your wonderful routine in the show. 💚 Thankyou to Ronnie from Scotland and Fred also who were also great in the show.

💚☘️ I'm so proud of my Irish Dance group Celtica who performed beautifully. It's been a busy time with St Patrick's Day too and you have all worked so hard. ☘️💚

Thank you to Nives and Monika from Switzerland, Franziska and Hertha from Austria, Stephanie, Denise and Annike from France, everyone from the UK and to those from my club in Coventry. You all made it an amazing fun weekend, we are very proud that it has been running for 22yrs and we are so happy you all joined us. 💚

Dances I taught: 💚 My Five Boys, A Wee Bit Lost, my brand new rolling count dance Mercy, Love Somebody and the new Beginner dance from Gary and I - Space In My Heart. ☘️

Thank you for all the lovely comments about my dance My Five Boys, means a lot.

A selection of pictures is in my Photo Album and more are on my public Facebook. 😍

We are already looking forward to next year and if you would like to join us you can book through Pauline and Dave. 🥰
💚☘️ Love Maggie ☘️💚

What an amazing weekend in Bournemouth with Lorraine Monahan and Debbie Mabbs, The Angels. We had so much fun, so much laughter. 🤣 thank you both for everything, I loved it and it was also great to be working with Jamie Barnfield again. 💚

Thank you to Emma for doing my makeup 🙏 and to Susan for all the videos. 🙏 The theme for fancy dress was Drag Kings and Queens and everyone looked amazing. It was also great to see Karl and his beautiful daughter. 🥰

I had such a lovely time with everyone and thank you to the lovely ladies I sat with, you all made me feel so special. 💚

Dances I taught: A Wee Bit Lost, The Jester And The Joker, Straight Lines and my new dance My Five Boys.

I had an amazing weekend in Vienna, Austria 🇦🇹, with lots of special friends that I've known for years. I would like to say a massive thankyou to Franziska Zillinger and Margit Leuthner for asking me to come. 💚

Also a special thank you to Hertha Kargl, Silvia Nosseck, Eveline Kainzbauer for helping to organise the event and making the room look so beautiful and for all your kindness. ☘️

Thank you to DJ Christian Renner, you did a great job all weekend.

Thank you Andrea, as usual for organising me and helping me and it was great to be able to go into Vienna for a quick hot dog. Thanks for all the laughs and fun we always have together. ☘️❤️

Thanks to everybody who travelled all over Austria, it was truly lovely to see everyone again, old friends and new. 💚

I have been very lucky to be going to Austria since 2003 and it is truly wonderful to see everybody still dancing my old classics as well as new! 💚

The dances I taught were: 💚 The Jester And The Joker, In Walked You, Ain't Gone Yet, A Wee Bit Lost, Straight Line and Going All The Way. ☘️ I also launched my brand new dance: ☘️ ☘️ My 5 Boys ☘️ ☘️. I am really pleased how well it went down! You were all brilliant at dancing it. I will be releasing this dance shortly.

I am looking forward to going back to Vienna in December! 🇦🇹❤️

I had a lovely weekend in Saint-Jean-De-Monts, France, with the Danse Country Challons association!

Thank you to Jean-François, Véronique, Christelle, Christian, Nathalie and Monique, who are the amazing people involved in the association, and an extra massive Thankyou to Sandrine, who is also in the association, as she helped me out so much! Thankyou so much! Everyone was so kind to me! 💚

I had such a lovely time and it was a fantastic event! I was very honoured to be asked as it was the first event they had with a choreographer! ☘️

Thank you to everyone who came from all around France. ❤️

The dances I taught were: 💚 Straight Line, In Walked You, The Jester And The Joker, A Wee Bit Lost, The Galway Gathering and Ain't Gone Yet. ☘️

Thankyou again to everyone who helped out and for your kindness and Thankyou for dancing all my classic dances in the evening - it was great to see! You all knew so many of my dances! 💚

What an amazing time I had in Rust, Germany, at the massive Europa-Park! 💚

It was great to see Kate Sala, Roy Verdonk, Jeffke Camps, Marlon and Romain and DJ Frank! 🤍 You were all brilliant as usual! ☘️ It was sad that DJ Jimmy couldn't make it due to being poorly! I missed you Jimmy! 💚

A massive event with lots of line dancers and it was very well organised and professional. Thankyou to Juliana and all the people who worked the event! You all worked so hard and worked as a team and it truly was a wonderful event for their 1st time! 💚

A massive Thankyou to Sascha Wolf from Germany, who got me involved in this event and it was so lovely to hear that I have inspired him so much in the line dancer world. Thankyou for your lovely words! I am proud and honoured to have been there! 🤍

The dances I taught were: 💚 Ain't Gone Yet, The Jester And The Joker, A Wee Bit Lost, In Walked You, Going All The Way, ️Straight Line and 21 Forever. ☘️

Such a great weekend in Sterling with Heather and Steve Barton. 💙💚 Thank you for inviting me Heather 🙏, so good to be back in Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿, it was so much fun. 😍

Thank you to everyone who came, it was so good to see everyone and dance with you all. 🙏 Thank you Emma for doing the videos and Heather, who was DJ, played a great mix of music as usual. xx

Good to catch up with the girls from Glasgow can't believe we met nearly 20yrs ago. 😍

Dances I taught: 💚 In Walked You, Ain't Gone Yet, The Jester And The Joker, Going All The Way and, especially for Heather and Steve and all the Scottish dancers, my brand new dance dedicated to you all 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿️💚🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿:

Music is A Little More Lost by Georgia Ku. Thank you Wilma for coming up with the name. It's perfect. 🙏

Hope to be back in Scotland soon.
💚 Love Maggie 💚


Wow, what an amazing weekend we all had at the Crystal Boot Awards. 💎

It truly was a fabulous weekend and Kingshill, choreographers, instructors, DJs and 7 Arrow Media all pulling together, it was a great team effort from everybody! 💚

There are so many names to mention who helped out, I honestly couldn't mention all the names in case I would leave anyone out, so Thankyou to everyone! ❤️

I was honoured to be doing the online hosting with JP which was great fun! What can I say Betty and Helen, you pulled it off, it was truly spectacular! I'm so proud to be part of the Line Dance Foundation! 🧡

Special thank you to all the people who travelled from around the world.

Congratulations to all the winners! 💚 All the workshops were amazing! I was so privileged to be asked to teach this year with Gary❤️, the Celtic Duo️💚, where we taught our brand new dance, 'Going All The Way'! 💚

Again, I'm just so proud to be part of this special event and it makes me realise why I love my job and especially the line dance community that we have! ❤️
P.S. I hope I haven't missed anything out! 🤣

Make sure you follow me on instagram! @maggiegallagher332 ️💚

If anyone has any more photos please put them in the comments or send them to me! 💚