Maggie G - News

Blackpool 2009

Thank you to Dave and Pauline Baycroft for an awesome weekend at the Aberavon Hotel, Port Talbot. Special thanks to you both for the lovely cake you surprised me with for Faithful Soul winning Intermediate and Dance of the Year. It was a great fun weekend and lovely to see everyone supporting the event.

The dances I taught were React, a new Intermediate from myself and Gary O'Reilly to The Pussycat Dolls, my new Intermediate Tear Me Down, Keep Young (LDF dance), my new Improver Love You Now and a new Improver choreographed with Gary, Pretty Girl.

A massive thank you to Cicadance in France for inviting me back again this year. It was a fantastic day and I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as me. I have been going to this special club for around 15 years and they are always so kind to me. It was lovely to see you all again.

Thank you to Monique, Marie-Paul, Andre & Morgan who really looked after me and to all the dancers for supporting the event. Thank you to the Irish Celtic band, Dulcimer, who were really good and played great music. Special thanks to Annik & Denise for travelling to see me again, it was great to see you.

The dances I taught were Wintergreen, Faithful Soul, the LDF dance Keep Young, Pocket of Hearts, my new Improver Love You Now & Pretty Girl - a new Improver choreographed by myself and Gary.

I would also like to say a special thank you to Stephanie & Patrice, who were very helpful in getting me transferred on to an earlier flight to Paris as Air France cancelled my return flight.

The CBA was an amazing weekend and I still can't believe Faithful Soul won Intermediate Dance of the Year and even more so, Dance of the Year. Thank you so, so much to everyone who voted, Gary & I really do appreciate it.

Special thanks to Dave & Pauline Baycroft, Keeley, Sally & Mike, Audrey, Catherine, Gwen, Tracey, Roni, Janne, Jane Kenrick and Margaret Hains for all your continued support. Also, a massive thank you to my club in Coventry for all their support again this year.

Congratulations to Gary on his 5 awards, I am soooo proud of him.

Well done to Maddison too and to all the other winners. I was also immensely proud of Helen O'Malley, who received the Love of Dance award for all her wonderful charity work. Helen works so hard through the line dance world to raise lots of money for charity.

Thank you to Betty, Steve and all the team for all their hard work throughout the year and for making the CBA such a great event.

Finally, thank you for all your lovely comments, texts & emails re the LDF dance, Keep Young. Thank you to Keeley for suggesting the music, we are pleased you are enjoying the dance. The last six months have been very emotional, but after such great sadness, John & I have been overwhelmed with immense joy.

These CBA awards are dedicated to my brother-in-law, Padraig Gallagher, our "Faithful Soul", who we know is looking down on us.

Thank you to everyone who supported Debra's event in Calgary, Canada - it was lovely to see you all.

I taught I Got You, Wintergreen, Pocket of Hearts, Tonight is Real, my LDF dance Keep Young, which went down really well, and a brand new Intermediate called Tear Me Down. I also taught a fun Irish technique workshop and a brand new Improver called Love You Now. In addition I gave an Irish demo.

I had to leave when the temperature soared to -3 degrees. 😃 Thank you to Debra for inviting me to her event and to all her team at Footloose. Also to the other teachers Wendy & Mary and our fabulous DJ, Bjorn. It was a great weekend and I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did.

I was pleased to land on time on Monday and to be able to attend the funeral of Robbie McGowan Hickie. It was a beautiful service and a lovely tribute to Robbie. He will be greatly missed. My thoughts and prayers are with Tony and Robbie's family at this very difficult time.