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Blackpool 2009

Bath 2023

I had a Wonderful time in Bath with the lovely Mandy Eades. 😍

It was great to see all the dancers, we had a busy day learning so many dances. lol
It was great to spend time with you all and to see Mandy's family too. 💚

Dances I taught: Ain't Gone Yet, The Jester And The Joker, 21 Forever, Oh My Johnny, Dreaming and In Walked You.

Thank you all for making me so welcome and a special thank you to Mandy for a fun day. 🙏
💚 Love Maggie. 💚

☘️☘️ The Celtic Duo In USA ☘️☘️
What an amazing weekend we have had, so much fun and laughter. Thank you so much to Rosie and Bruno Multari, New York State of Line, we loved every moment. 💚

Thank you Craig and Donna Statt for all your help and to Lynne Martino too. 🙏
Thank you Michelle Wright for doing the videos. 🙏
Well done to our DJs, the 2 Mikes, and Tina for keeping us all dancing. 💚

Was great to meet and dance with so many instructors and dancers from all over USA and Canada. 💚 Was really good to be in the show. I loved being with 'my partner in crime' 🤣, ☘️The Celtic Duo☘️.

Gary and I taught 21 Forever and Oh My Johnny. I also taught Ain't Gone Yet (my new Beginner dance), The Jester And The Joker, Dreaming and In Walked You.

Thank you to everyone for all your lovely comments. 🙏

Assumpta made an appearance, dumping Tommy to be with Johnny. 🤣 Assumpta I love you. 💚

Just so much fun all weekend. Thank you again Rosie and Bruno for a very special event. 💚
💚☘️ Love Maggie ☘️💚

What a lovely time I had in the Bavarian Forest with my lovely friend Monika from the KrähenfüBe Club! 🇩🇪💚 I really had such a fantastic time, it was a great event and it was so good to go up the Bavarian Mountain and dance I'm On My Way and my brand new Beginner dance, Ain't Gone Yet. 🤍

5 years ago we danced the Leaving Of Liverpool on the 10th anniversary, where has time gone, it's flown by so fast! 🧡

The dances I taught were: 💚 21 Forever, Oh My Johnny, The Jester And The Joker and Thunder In My Heart. ☘️

☘️ I choreographed a dance especially for Monika's club who are celebrating their 15 years, called 'In Walked You' - an Intermediate dance. ☘️ The music is beautiful and it's by William Michael Morgan. 💚

It was wonderful to be a part of the show, dancing my Irish line dance, Irish spirit☘️, with Monika and her lovely students! This is one of my favourite line dances I've ever choreographed! 🤍

I want to say a special Thankyou to the club and to Clarissa for all your help with the videos. 🧡 Monika, you are such a special person, you are a star and I want to Thankyou so much for all your kindness! Thankyou for all the lovely schnitzel, the currywursts and the German wine! 🇩🇪🤣☘️

Also a special Thankyou to the DJs Frank and Mario! ☘️

Thankyou to people who came from all over Germany and people from Austria! 🇩🇪💚

I really had the most fantastic time ever! Thankyou all so much! 🇩🇪💚☘️

🇫🇷 I had a great time in Bagnols sur Ceze, France. 🇫🇷

Thank you to Paty, Sylvie and Patrice from Bagnols Pont Country New Line for all your kindness. 🙏 It was good to meet and dance with so many lovely people and the food and wine was amazing. 🍷💚

Thank you to Denise and Annike for all your help. 🙏

Dances I taught: 💚 21 Forever, Western Girl, Oh My Johnny, Waterfall, Jester and Joker, Thunder In My Heart and Ain't Gone Yet. ☘️

Thank you again to everyone. 😍
☘️ Love Maggie ☘️

What a lovely weekend I had at the windy city event in Chicago! Thankyou to Mark Cosenza and Eve for inviting me! It was an amazing event and it was lovely to meet everybody from all over America 🇺🇸 and Canada 🇨🇦 and other parts of the world. 🌎

It was great being involved in the show and it was also wonderful that we raised lots of money for the Line Dance Foundation by raffling off Simon Ward's sweaty t-shirt signed by all the choreographers! Well done Simon! Lol

It was lovely to work with so many wonderful choreographers!

The dances I taught were: 💚 Waiting On You, 21 Forever, Oh My Johnny and Waterfall. ☘️

Thankyou to all the DJs, JP Potter and Jill Babenick! And to the video crew Kelly and Kelly! 💚

What a lovely time I had in Dijon in France! 🇫🇷

Thankyou so much to Pierre and Evelyn and the Country Western Union club for all their kindness! It was their very first event and I was privileged to be asked to be their first choreographer. ☘️
A massive Thankyou to Marine and Audrey too. 💚

The dances I taught were: 💚 21 Forever, Thunder In My Heart, Oh My Johnny, Western Girl and Waterfall. ☘️

I choreographed 2 brand new dances:
☘️ Ain't Not Gone Yet - a High level Beginner dance which I dedicated to the club, to a song called 'Livin' Ain't Killed Me Yet' by Naomi Cooke Johnson;
☘️ The Jester and the Joker - a High level Beginner/Low Improver. This dance is to the song 'A Song For The Drunk And Broken Hearted' by Passenger.

Thankyou to everybody who came from all over France, it was a wonderful event! 🤍

WOW! What an amazing time I had on the MSC Cruise ship with EHNE-MEHNE-WEG travel agents which is run by the very professional, Sandra and Jorgen in Germany. 💚 I was so lucky to be asked by Gabi to teach on this! A big big Thankyou to you Gabi, I had the best time and such a great laugh! Thankyou so much!

It was a wonderful event and it was so lovely to see so many dancers from Germany and Switzerland! It was lovely to work again with DJ Jimmy who was brilliant as usual and with German instructor, Silvia Schill. 🤍 She is a lovely person with such a beautiful soul. 🧡 It was lovely to meet Tom Rascal, the country singer! You were great and played great country music! ☘️

A massive Thankyou so much to Lewis and Celina for helping me with the merchandise, for taking all the videos, and for looking after all my stuff and helping me get around the ship when I was lost LOL. 🤣 You were so kind to me! 🧡

The dances I taught were: 💚 The Morning After, The Galway Gathering, Get In Or Get Out, Western Girl, Waterfall, Country Nights, Oh My Johnny, Thunder In My Heart, Whiskey On The Shelf and 21 Forever. ☘️

I simply had a Wunderbar time. 💚🤍🧡 Thankyou to the wonderful team I worked with! ☘️

Even though it was a very long journey, I had a lovely time in Carinthia, Austria! 🇦🇹

Thankyou to all the clubs that came from all over Austria. 💚

The workshops I taught were: 💚 Waterfall, Thunder In My Heart, Western Girl, Oh My Johnny - one of Gary and I's new dances, Waiting On You by Gary and I and our brand new night club two step - 21 Forever by Chris Janson, Dolly Parton and Slash! ☘️

I would like to say thankyou to Andrea, for picking me up from the airport, and to Francesca, Hertha and Andrea for helping me all weekend! Thankyou to Uschi and Woody. ☘️🧡

Austria, you are so wonderful and the dancers are so wonderful too. Thankyou for dancing so many of my dances! 💚
Love Maggie x

I had a lovely time in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland🇨🇭, with Marcel and Monika. It was a great day even though we were hot, we all kept dancing. Thank you so much for a wonderful day! 💚

The dances I taught were: 💚 Oh My Johnny - a new one by Gary and I, Waterfall, Thunder In My Heart and Waiting On You. ☘️

We had a great evening of dancing! Thankyou to everyone that came from Germany, Geneva and all over Switzerland! It was so nice to meet so many people! 💚

Thankyou to Monika for taking me to the lake. It was lovely to go swimming with you and Katrina. Thankyou to Monika and Neves for all your help! 🧡

A selection of photos are in my Photo Gallery and more are on my Facebook.

I had an amazing time in Tralee, County Kerry, with Living Linedance and dancers from Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Spain and Sweden. Thank you to Daniella and Dorte, the trips were amazing and truly wonderful. Special thanks to Nives and Monika for all their help too.

The dances I taught were Country Nights, Waiting On You, Favourite Kinda High, Waterfall, Western Girl, Eyes Closed and my brand new dance Thunder In My Heart, which all went really well.

We truly had a fabulous time, which I'm sure you could see from the videos and photos I posted. A selection of photos are included in my Photo Gallery.

What a lovely day I had in Somerton with Matt Sinyard and Rod. ☘️

Thank you to everyone that came to the workshop and to the girls who came from Wales! It was lovely to see Suzy Beau as well! ☘️

It was such a lovely day and we worked so hard.

The dances I taught were: 💚 Country Nights, We Never Knew Love, Favourite Kinda High, Waterfall, Thunder In My Heart - which will be out in a few weeks - and Gary and I's new dance Waiting On You.

Special thank you to Matt and Rod again for an amazing weekend! 💚

Looking forward to coming back again on 6th July next year! 💚

Wow, what a wonderful time I had in Neupetershain, Germany with DJ Jimmy and Sylvia, who ran an amazing event. 🇩🇪

Thank you to all the people who came from all over Germany and thank you for doing all my old dances and new. I am just amazed by how many Maggie G dances everybody knew. 🧡

Thankyou to DJ Michael and a massive massive thank you to my friend Birgit for looking after me! And It was great to be with the girls.

I met a lot of special friends this weekend, too many to mention but you know who you are and thank you so much for coming to see me!

The dances I taught: ☘️ Country Nights, ️We Never Knew Love, Waterfall, Favourite Kinda High, Waiting On You and my brand new dance ️Thunder In My Heart!

Again, thank you so much to all the dancers who danced for 3 whole nights and 2 days! I had so much fun! Thank you for the German wine! lol! 🤣

I think the next time I come, have chocolates on the table because they make you remember more! 🤣

I'm looking forward to going back at the beginning of August next year! Can't wait. 💚

Another great weekend in Newcastle with Dave, Pauline, Ria and Dee.

On the Friday night we had such a great time celebrating 🎉 Dave's 65th Birthday 🎉 with everyone. We had some surprise guests too:
💚 Heather and Steve, Jamie and Johnny, Neville and Julie, Natalie and Natalie and Nikky. 💚 Dave's lovely family were there too to help us celebrate. 💚

We had so much fun, Natalie and Nikky did an amazing spot too especially for Dave. 🙏

💚 Dave had the night off as it was his birthday and Heather and Jamie did a great job as our DJs. 🙏

We had a Simpson theme and also comedy outfits. On Saturday we gave out burgers 🍔 and we were dressed as sauce bottles!! 🤣🤣🤣

It was such a great weekend, thank you Dave and Pauline and everyone for making it so special. 💚🙏💚

Dances I taught: Waiting On You and Favourite Kinda High.

Photos from our fun weekend are in my Photo Gallery and on my Facebook. 📷

💚☘️ 9th Seoul International Linedance Festival ☘️💚
Wow Wow Wow - what an amazing time I had in South Korea. 💚

Thank you to Andy and Seeyeon for organising this wonderful event. I want to say thank you to so many people. 🙏

Thank you to Andy for booking me and all your staff for working so hard to make the event so special. 😍 It was your first time taking over from the wonderful Kim and you did so well.

Thank you to my lovely very special friend Grace David who took Rebecca and I around Seoul and to the beautiful Palace and for helping with translation before I arrived. Was great to spend time with Rebecca too, you are our Malaysian Linedance star. 💚

It was great to see Clive Stevens again, your technique and dance skills are amazing.

Thank you for including me in the show. 🙏 I hope I didn't go wrong too much!! lol

Lovely to meet Yoko, who came all the way from Japan, and to see a great old friend of mine Yukiko, good to see you again after all these years. 💚 Good to meet Joanne from Malaysia and Mitha and Risma Hulana from Indonesia.

I was very pleased to judge some of the competitions run by UCWDC - the standard was amazing and beautiful costumes. 💚

Was good to see the teams and see some of my dances being danced.

Thank you to Sara and Sookyung for looking after me. 🙏

I am just mesmerised by the whole event. It was so well run, so professional and everyone was so kind 💚 - and how many photos did we have. 😍

I had such a fun time with everyone, organisers, staff, teachers and dancers - just amazing.

Dances I taught: Favourite Kinda High and Waiting On You.

Just leaves me one thing to say:
💚☘️ Kamsahapnida ☘️💚

☘️☘️ Maggie G Weekend ☘️☘️
What a great weekend at the Mercure Queens Hotel in Bournemouth. Thank you to Big Dave and Pauline for all your hard work and making it so special. 💚

Thank you also to Vanda and Roni for all your help over the weekend. 🙏

Was so good to catch up with so many dancers from all over the UK, Jersey, Guernsey, France, Holland and Sweden.

Big Dave kept us dancing all weekend. 😍

Dances I taught: Favourite Kinda High (my new Intermediate), Waiting On You (new Advanced dance by Gary and I - dedicated to Big Dave for his 65th birthday 💚), We Never Knew Love, Waterfall, Western Girl, What's The Point and Superheroes.

Thank you to everyone for coming.
☘️💚 Love Maggie 💚☘️

From Leeds, I went down to Gloucester to teach at Jamie Barnfield's and Johnny's great weekend event, Boogiefest. ☘️

It was great to meet the choreographers, Heather Barton, Gary Lafferty, Chris Adams, Laura Sway and of course the lovely Jamie. 💚

It was great to meet all the dancers from around England and the Jersey girls that came too. 💚

We had great fun in the workshop and especially getting all the men up to dance Regrets on the stage. Boys you were brilliant, you were the full Monty! 💚

The dances I taught were: 💚 Country Nights, We Never Knew Love, Regrets, What's The Point, Waterfall and Western Girl. 💚

It was great to see everybody as usual! It was great to see Derek from the band 'Magill'.
Thankyou Jamie for an amazing day! ☘️

Hi everyone, I had a lovely time in Heckmondwike, Leeds, with Tracey. ☘️

We had a wonderful day of workshops and social dancing non stop from 12pm-10pm! ☘️

It was great to meet everyone from up north again! Thankyou for all the teachers who came and supported the event and we really worked hard with our dances. ☘️

Dances I taught: 💚 We Never Knew Love, Country Nights, Eyes Closed, What's The Point, Western Girl, Waterfall and a recap of Regrets. 💚

Thankyou so much to Tracey and all the lovely dancers that came! Including our men as well lol! 🤣 ☘️💚

Looking forward to going back next year! 💚

What an amazing time I had in France with Noria Mercier Bouachi! 🇫🇷☘️

It was a wonderful day event and it was lovely to see people travelling from all over France 🇫🇷.

I want to say a special Thankyou to Nellie and Denise for all their help. And of course to Noria for running the event. 💚 Thankyou for all your kindness, for dancing all my dances I've done over the years and for so much fun! ☘️💚

I met an amazing married couple called Monica and Gilbert who were 86 and 87! I loved how you danced your hearts out to every dance and stayed all day to do all the dances and workshops as well as Intermediate dances! I was so amazed at how you both knew and remembered so many dances! ☘️ Thank you so much for coming, you were absolutely phenomenal, you are both a credit to the line dancing world and it was an honour to meet you both. 💚

The dances I taught were: 💚☘️ Western Girl, Waterfall, Eyes Closed, Country Nights, We Never Knew Love and my new latest 2 Intermediate dances What's The Point and Regrets! ☘️💚

💚☘️ Spain 2023 ☘️💚

What an amazing week we had in Huelva,Spain, line dancing all week!

☘️ Thankyou to Gary and Lee who were amazing as usual! Thankyou for all your fun with the line dancers! And to Anja from Club Dance Holidays who always looks after everybody. ☘️

💚 Special Thankyou to all the people that came! We had line dancers from Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France, Sweden, Norway, Wales󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿, England󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿, Jersey and Ireland! You were all so brilliant and we had so much fun! It was so great that you all mixed in with each other. 💚

🧡 We danced our socks off every evening and danced by the pool every morning. The weather was amazing! 🧡 Along with the beautiful 4-star hotel! 🧡

🧡☘️💚 Workshops that were taught: Regrets, What's The Point, Waterfall, ️Western Girl, If You Believe, And I say, Matoma Power, ️Eyes Closed, Whiskey On The Shelf, Twisted Mind, Country Nights, We Never Knew Love, Never Drinking Again, Leave Each Other Alone and Remember That Feeling. 💚☘️🧡

Thankyou for all your lovely messages. Hope you like all the photographs, there is a selection in my Photo Album and many more on my Facebook!

Next year we will be going to a 4-star hotel in Crete. It will be at the end of April again for a week. For more information, email or message my Facebook page! There will be more information on my Events page later.


🌈 Under the Rainbow 🌈

Gary and I want to thank everybody for coming. We had a great weekend full of lovely line dancers from all round the globe at our weekend in Galway 🌎 especially Derek who came all the way from the USA!

Thankyou to my Mum, Pat and my sister Annette who came to join us! Annette, you did great doing the electric slide! It was so lovely to see them! ☘️❤️

Gary and I are really proud of all our Celtic Duo dances and loved getting to dance them all with you this weekend!

We celebrated lots of our dancers birthdays this weekend: Bridget, Aisha, Kathryn and Avril! Happy birthday ladies, hope you had a lovely day and Thankyou for sharing it with us. ❤️

I want to say a special Thankyou to Debbie Hanlon for all her hard work in making the room look beautiful on our rainbow party night. You are so talented Debbie!

The dances taught were: Eyes Closed, Matoma Power, Country Nights, Whiskey On The Shelf, Western Girl, If You Believe, What's The Point and my brand new dances WATERFALL (Improver 2 wall line dance) and Regrets (Intermediate).

We can't wait to do it all again next year: May 17th - 19th 2024 in Galway. ☘️
Book now: Email -

There are some pictures in my Photo Gallery - and more on ny Facebook! I hope I haven't left anybody out! Lol 🤣!