Maggie G - News

Blackpool 2009

Everyone had a great time on our Club Dance Holiday in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, and all the new dances went down really well.

Gary taught Hey Now, Adelaida, My Heart Is Gone, World For Two and All I Need To Know. I taught Gone West, Castles, Tonight Is Real, a new Beginner Pocket of Hearts and a new Intermediate, I Got You.

Gary & I also taught our new Intermediate 2-wall waltz called Faithful Soul to Faith's Song from Celtic Woman's new album Ancient Land. Everyone fell in love with this beautiful track and dance and it was one of the favourites of the week.

A few photos from our Tenerife holiday are on my public Facebook. More Tenerife pictures are published in my Photo Album on this website.

I had a wonderful weekend with Val Self at Pakefield. Thank you to Val and her friend Lesley for all their hard work and to Melissa, who did a great job of Djing. It was also nice to see Calico performing too.

It was lovely to see teachers Lorna, Isla, Diane, Louise and many others. Thank you to all the instructors for bringing their dancers to the event, it was lovely to meet new people and catch up with some I haven't seen for a while.

It was especially lovely to see Sophie Brown again. I first met Sophie when she was 13 years of age, she is now 23!

Thank you to everyone, who supported this event, it was such a lovely event and I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.

I had a wonderful weekend with Combronde Country Club, who celebrated their 10 year club anniversary. Special thanks to Nathalie for inviting me and to her daughter, Manon for looking after me. Thank you both so much for your kindness.

Thank you to everyone for making me feel so welcome at your special event, it was lovely to meet you all. It was also lovely to see dancers who had travelled from various places in France. Special thanks to Annik & Denise, who always travel to see me, it was lovely to see you both again. Also, Stephanie, who I will be working with at her event next year with Gary.

The dances I taught went down well, which were All I Need to Know, Something You Love, Gone West & Castles. We took a great video of Castles, which can be seen on Copperknob.

I also choreographed a new High Level Improver dance called Tonight is Real, which I have dedicated to the club. This dance won't be released until the end of this month as I need it for other events in September.

I hope those of you in the UK enjoyed the sunny bank holiday. I have just released my new Intermediate dance Castles. Many thanks to Claire Butterworth for the video taken in Liverpool.

I had a great time with Steve Rutter, Calico & Steve Healy at the Kingshill weekend at the Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool. It was lovely to see old and new faces and thank you to all for supporting Kingshill.

I taught my new Intermediate dance, Castles, which went down really well. I also taught All I Need to Know, choreographed with Gary, and our Improver dance, Gone West.

Over the past few weeks, the boys and I have spent a wonderful time in Ireland with all our close family. Now it's time for a family break with John and the kids. See you back on the dance floors in September.

It was lovely to be working back in Oslo, Norway, with Siw. Special thanks to Siw's daughter, Marianna, for DJing and to Lena for collecting and taking me to the airport.

Thank you to all the dancers for supporting the event, it was lovely to see old and new faces. Also, it was lovely to see Annik & Denise from France, Monika and Nives from Switzerland, Lenard & friends from Sweden, Gunnor and his wife from Germany and dancers from Bergen & Boden. Thank you for making the long journeys guys.

We had a wonderful workshop with lots of fun and laughter. The dances I taught were Gone West, Something You Love, Water on the Flames, All I Need to Know and my brand new intermediate dance, Castles, which will be released soon.

I had a lovely time at Jean Webb's event in Blackpool. It was great to catch up with everyone up North. The dances I taught were Something You Love, Gone West, Water on the Flames & Everything I Have.

I had a fabulous day in Denmark and it was so lovely to dance at The Harbour again during the evening. Thank you to Sally Charnley and helpers and to everyone who supported the event. It was lovely to be back in Denmark.

The dances I taught were Water on the Flames, Everything I Have, Something You Love, Gone West & Home To You.